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7 Steps to Better Home Security

Home is where the heart is, and keeping it safe is essential. We need to go the extra mile to make sure that no unexpected event happens and puts our security in jeopardy. According to an FBI report of 2010, there were more than two million burglaries in the United States. The situation is not very different in other countries as well.

As children, we have all wanted to get the better of burglars Home Alone style- with paintball guns, slingshots and all the things one can muster. As we grew up, we understood that the reality is not that simple. Of course, you can let out your inner child with great paintball equipment from thepaintballprofessor.com. However, for real burglars, read measures need to be taken

Here is our list of things to follow and to avoid for making your home safer.

Lock and Key

Keeping all our entrances- the front door, back door, exterior gate etc. should be kept locked. Good quality locks, deadbolts etc. need to be inserted to all doors. Let’s not leave our windows alone either, if you have a tempered glass or Thai glass window, make sure that these can be locked from the inside too. You do not want thieves to get an easy entry into your homes and offices.

While moving into a new home, get all the locks and keys changed. This will ensure that no burglar with a ‘previous experience’ in that house can get in.

No Hidden Keys

Many of us follow the practice of leaving a key hidden under the welcome mat. This habit needs to go, as it only allows easy entrance of burglars into the house. It is always a better idea to leave spare keys at a trusted neighbor or friend’s place.

Avoid Checking In

Nowadays, we really like to ‘check in’ to places on social media like Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram or Twitter. However, you could be telling a potential criminal your exact location, giving them an opportunity to break and enter into your home. To avoid this, simply ‘check in’ to a place after you are back home instead of checking in then and there.

Light It Up

It is important that all the entrances of our house are well lit. Dark places often make hiding places for miscreants; hence it is best to use security lighting wherever you can. This will deter thieves as they would hate to be identified.

Camera Ready

Installing a custom security system will make life easy and keep a record of everything that happens. Have some CCTV cameras, motion detectors etc. installed with the help of a reliable security services provider.


Before opening the door, a good look in the peephole will help you avoid getting strangers into the house. Hence, insert peepholes into the main entrance and back door.

Trim the Bushes

You must really love your front yard or garden patch if you have some great bushes. However, large and dense bushes will allow burglars to hide. Trim the bushes and shrubs regularly so that everything is visible from the street.

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