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Meet Shannon Stallard

Shannon Stallard is a former bodyguard and leading expert in hand-to-hand and weapons tactics. He specializes in training those who need effective skills in life and death situations.  With a lifetime of study, holding teaching positions in numerous styles of martial arts, you can now learn from his elite, hard-won expertise that others have come to trust with their very lives.


"Used by Spec Op soldiers for instant confidence…"

Why Are U.S. Special Forces Combat
Experts So Thrilled With This
Little Martial Arts “Lab-Geek”?

Why? Because His Incredible New Discovery Is The Astonishing Scientific KEY To Easily Defeating Larger& More Aggressive Opponents& Even Multiple Attackers& Without ANY Fancy Kicks, Punches or Strikes!

This New Cutting-Edge "ACT" System Virtually Eliminates paralyzing Brain-Freeze& Allowing You to "Tap Into" Your Body's Own Brutal& Vicious& And Devastatingly-Effective "Natural" Fighting Instincts -- No Matter What Your Size or Skill Level!

At first I didn't believe it either. A martial arts "lab geek" developing a devastating new scientific fight system. Natural. Easy-to-learn. No complex kicks or punches. Bypasses the part of the brain that causes "freeze-up". Sounded way too good to be true.

And I can say that this ACT system is nothing short of astonishing. It's based on simple& "natural"& and easy-to-learn strategies already "hardwired" into the instincts of the human body. That's why it took a martial artist who studied biology in college to figure this out.

The military loves it because what Shannon Stallard discovered in the biology lab has created a new way to quickly train men to fight like wild animals. No& not crazy and "loose", but extremely focused& brutal& even deadly. Like a lion, who can bypass the "fear factor" and get the job done in a split second of violence.

That's what got the Spec Op trainers interested. Because the world has changed even the advanced fighting systems of five years ago are "old hat" in the field. They demand the most cutting edge stuff. And -- like this ACT system it must be PROVEN.

That's why this is such a hot deal for you -- almost NO civilian has access to these secrets right now. Shannon agreed to share it with us ONLY because of my inside connections and stellar reputation among U.S. Special Forces "insiders".

Now if Spec Op soldiers use this everyday to save their lives in the "hot-combat" zones of Iraq and Afghanistan&