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Et Tu, Brute? Actor Playing Brutus Stabs Himself

Posted by Rob on Friday, 31 August, 2007

As Julius Caesar lay dead, Brutus was talking to his co-conspirators about swords and blood. A common scene from this famous play.

Uncharacteristically, in the middle of the scene, the actor playing Brutus paused and excused himself, saying “I seem to have stabbed myself.” That’s not part of the play as I remember it.

The actor (and amusingly also the director) accidentally sliced his leg open with the knife he was using in an outdoor performance of “Scenes from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar” this past week in Aspen, Colorado.

He tried to honor ‘the show must go on’… “but my boot was filling up with blood and I was flubbing my lines, wondering if I was going to pass out, wondering if the audience could see the blood.”

“That’s what you get for trying to kill Caesar,” he said.

Typically the actors normally don’t use real knives; however, this scene was painstakingly(?) set up so that none of the performers were close enough to hurt each other. Opps.

“But I hadn’t thought an actor might stab himself,” said the clumsy actor.

Although Brutus may be limping for the next couple performances, the show will continue. Hopefully with a less-than-lethal prop knife.

Knives are serious weapons, even in the hands of unskilled wielders. Great caution must be used in any incident involving one. Best bet is to run, if you can. Next would be a counter-weapon with some distance capability, such as some pepper spray.

Although possibly effective, a stun gun would require you to get up close and personal, not necessarily where you want to be when he is waving some metal. 8-10 feet away spraying some ultra-hot Wildfire pepper spray is where I’d rather be.

You never know. You may be at an outdoor play in the park, or walking to your car in a dark parking lot. When the situation arises, make sure you are tooled to take care of matters.

You might even be in a bathroom stall next to a Congressmen with happy feet. You never know when you might need to unleash a whoopin’.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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Let’s Ban all Non-Lethal Weapons? Are You Crazy?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 29 August, 2007

Today, I’d just like to comment on one of the things that I keep seeing in the news. It seems that non-lethal weapons or less-than-lethal weapons (as they seem to be called more commonly now) have been taking quite a bit of heat lately.

The Cops with Tasers, and the crooks with stun guns and pepper spray are getting quite a bit of negative press. But most people are failing to realize the alternative.

If given the choice, I would much rather be hit with a taser, stun gun or pepper spray than shot and killed with a hand gun or a knife to the gut. Don’t kid yourself. If a criminal wants a gun or a knife, he is going to get one legally or illegally. If a criminal wants a stun gun or pepper spray, he is going to get one legally or illegally.

It isn’t a question of accessibility. There is a supply, there is a demand.

One of my least favorite ignorant arguments used to be the gun control laws. Effectively, this laws would prevent a regular law abiding citizen, who decided to legally purchase a gun for personal protection. So the good guy loses.

The criminal, that isn’t going to follow the laws anyways, will still acquire his firearm through his normal illegal channels. Bad guy with gun, good guy no gun. Bad guy wins.

Come on people.

Now the stun gun, taser and pepper spray situation. There are already states preventing the sale and use of some of these products. Guess what? Any criminal that really wants to acquire on is going to get it. Regardless of the law. Why? because he doesn’t follow the law. Ok, so now if it is harder even for the criminal to get a less-than-lethal stun gun or taser, guess what his remaining options are? A readily available more-than-lethal firearm, hand gun or a knife. There is some logic for you.

It doesn’t matter what the degree of lethality the weapon is. Pantyhose can be used to strangle someone. Should we ban pantyhose now?

How about we deal with the real problem here. The criminals that will take advantage of any object, weapon or non-weapon and use it against someone to rape, rob, beat or kill them.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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About to Be Carjacked?

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 28 August, 2007

I was at a 2-day internet conference this past weekend. It was supposed to be the Boston area, but ended up being at a hotel in Lowell, MA. This ended up being fine, as Lowell is less of a drive. When I Googled the directions is basically told me take this road to this road, to this back road, to this side road, to enter the city on this city street, turn right, turn left, turn right and there’s the hotel in 42 minutes. Nice I though, no Interstate highways.

Besides the couple city street turns onto one way streets with badly labeled street signs and the less than obvious hotel entrance, I finally found the place. Now If you have never been to Lowell, it is a typical inner city. Let’s just say I’m glad I was driving and not walking.

On my way home, at 4:30 PM on Sunday afternoon, I was driving back down one of the longer inner city streets. I was pulling up at a stop light with a run down park to my left, and some run down housing to my right. It was one of
those traffic lights that you wonder why it is there. I pulled up, with no cars behind me, and no cars crossing the other direction. I suppose that it must be a busy intersection on days other than Sunday afternoon to justify its existence.

I was definitely spending more time contemplating that very existence much more than thinking about pepper spray, stun guns or other ways I could defend myself, which brings us to the point of this story.

When I pulled up, there was a guy sitting on the park bench across the street, just behind my car when I stopped. I saw him sitting when I passed and didn’t notice when he stood up and walked towards my car. Even if I saw him get up and start to cross the street, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

Fortunately, his timing was bad because the split second after he grabbed the driver’s side door handle and lifted up, I was just starting to pull through the now green traffic light. As I kept driving forward, I just barely caught a glimpse of him in my side window smirking and watched him walk back towards the park in my rear view as I drove off.

That smirk was almost enough to make me want to turn around and ask him if there was something important that he wanted to discuss. But I decided it was best to just let the situation diffuse itself without instigating anything further. It wasn’t worth it to test his arsenal.

It happened fast. Way too fast, and it was a good thing my door was locked (as always) and the light just changed. I didn’t notice a visible weapon, but that isn’t to say he wasn’t about to pull one or just try to surprise me and
attempt a physical altercation.

Ok, maybe he wasn’t going to try to carjack or rob me… maybe he was just going to say hello. Perhaps he was doing car door lock checks as a public service and issue me a friendly warning if it was unlocked? I guess he could have just been itching for a blast of pepper spray from my auto visor clip?

Truth be told, carjacking can happen to anyone, at anytime. It doesn’t have to be in the dark at 2 AM in the morning, it can happen at 4:30 PM on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There could have been other cars around. If the door was unlocked, the guy might be able to open the door, pull you out or assault you and drive away before someone in the car behind you could assist. And that is if the person behind you had enough courage to assist in a dangerous situation.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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300 Reasons to Learn to Defend Yourself

Posted by Rob on Monday, 27 August, 2007

If you haven’t seen the movie 300 yet, I would highly recommend grabbing the DVD. It took some heat for it’s lack of historically accurate content, but it was derived from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. A comic book, not your high school history book. So take it for what it was intended for, an entertaining, action packed, epic movie experience.

The basic synopsis revolves around the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae. Leonidas, the King of Sparta leads a small, but highly skilled army of men defending Greece against the massive invasion force of Persia, led by King Xerxes.

I could go on and on about the stunning camera work, intense action and more about how good the movie was, but I really wanted to comment on some of the earlier scenes before the great battle.

The one in particular was about a young Spartan boy. In the movie it might have mattered who it was, but for this example it doesn’t. This boy, at a very early age was brought into a courtyard by his father and trained to be a Spartan warrior.

At first glance, training was rather harsh and brutal for such a young boy, barely able to hold a sword. But if you think about it, the father was taking great effort in training and preparing that child for the way of life in those times. The Warriors lived and died by the skill of their combat prowess.

An extreme example from another day, another age… but the underlying theme remains the same. Be prepared for the dangers of your day and age. Sure, we aren’t gladiator warriors fighting dire wolves in the forests or subject to the dangers of fierce armies on the fields of battle 2500 years ago in Greece.

What about life 250 years ago in America? Do you think every male didn’t own a gun and know how to defend his home from Indians, wild animals or the other dangers of that day and age? At what point did we stop defending ourselves and start relying on others? When did we start to just accept crime and let it happen without resistance?

Superman, Batman, Spider-man, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or other famous comic book heroes are NOT patrolling the cities stopping criminals, murderers and rapists from committing crimes just in the nick of time. The police can not be everywhere You need to be able to defend yourself.

If your father did not teach you how to defend yourself with a sword, gun or your bare hands, it is still not too late. You can’t place the full blame on others, we are all responsible to take care of our own deficiencies. We need to
stop making excuses, and start taking action.

Do you own a stun gun or pepper spray and know how to use it? Do you know simple but effective self defense techniques to save yourself or a loved one from an attacker?

Do you or a loved one really need to be personally put into a dangerous situation and injured, beaten, robbed, raped, etc. to make you realize the importance of being able to defend yourself?

Stop waiting, stop making excuses, stop procrastinating on learning how to use your self defence products and take action now. Hopefully it is not too late. Hopefully you are wasting your time and never have to worry about this. The
odds may be in your favor, but if you are that lucky you should be playing the lottery.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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Back to Campus Safety

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 21 August, 2007

Returning to campus or going to college for the first time
is stressful enough without having to worry about your
personal safety. We are all familiar with the details of the
Virginia Tech tragedy and other stories of needless campus

It is extremely important that you stay alert and use common
sense to protect yourself and others from becoming victims
of crime. When you go out, keep these safety tips in mind.

* Learn the best routes between your dorm or parking lot
and where your classes and activities are located. Take the
safest route, not necessarily the fastest route.

* Travel in groups of two or more when possible,
especially at night. Always walk in well-lit, heavily
traveled areas.

* Stay on the side of the sidewalk farthest away from
any trees, shrubs, dark doorways, and alleys.

* Always share your class and activity schedule with
friends and family, effectively creating a buddy system.

* When you go out, let someone know where you are going
and when you expect to be back.

* Know where the campus emergency telephones are located
and memorize the Campus Security phone number.

* Wherever you are, always stay alert and aware of your
surroundings and the actions of the people around you.

* Follow your instincts. If something doesn’t feel
right, it might not be. Change the direction you are
walking, go to an emergency phone or into a public building,
or call Campus Security.

* Do not leave any of your belongings unattended, even
for a few minutes.

* Avoid displaying any amount of cash or other tempting
targets such as jewelry or expensive clothing.

* Always lock up your bike or rent a bike locker to
store your bike.

* Always lock your car and keep valuables out of sight
or in the trunk. Check the back seat and around your vehicle
before approaching or getting in.

* Park in well-lit, well-traveled areas of the parking lot.

* Remember, alcohol and/or drugs are involved in 90
percent of campus crimes.

Consider the option of carrying personal protection devices
to increase the safety of yourself and your friends.

You don’t have to be a hero, but a strategic squirt of
pepper spray or the zap of a stun gun might just be the
deciding factor between walking away from a potentially
dangerous situation and being seriously injured or worse.
Perhaps the blaring screech of a personal alarm might be
enough to deter a would-be attacker or draw attention to
your situation.

Check the campus policy on what type of self defense tools
are allowed but always remember… the crazed psychopath did
not check with security to see if his assault rifle was
within campus regulations.

No one needs to know what items you have at your disposal to
protect yourself from physical harm. Don’t flash your
tools, tell everyone you know, or cause any problems with
them. You want that surprise advantage to be kept a secret
until the last possible second, them BAM! Let the attacker
have it!

Practice drawing your self defense tools and make it second
nature to use. It only takes a few minutes a day to become
familiar and skilled with producing and deploying pepper
spray or a stun gun so you are ready if the situation
warrants. It is your personal responsibility to use these
tools in a responsible and defensive manner. You are at the
mercy of the local authorities if you choose to misuse any
of these products in an aggressive or offensive manner. And
trust me, they will show little if any leniency.

Yours in safety,

Rob Cook

P.S. If you are on your way back or just arrived on Campus,
please visit
for some back to school self defense product recommendations
as well as a special College discount code for your next order.
If you know someone that could benefit from this information or
offer, please forward it along.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but
the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth
more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your
belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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Don’t Ignore Your Internal Security Alarm

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 7 August, 2007

One of your most powerful safety mechanisms is that little
voice inside your head. You know the one, it nags you
occasionally, keeps you up at night thinking about things,
makes you laugh makes you cry… Sometimes it makes you
anxious, curious or doubtful, occasionally it is know to
make you hesitate or suspicious. Most importantly, this is
that gut feeling you get or subconscious hunch which when
also associated with fear, can keep you out of trouble or
give you a warning something bad might happen.

Unfortunately, this little voice is sometimes ignored, which
is understandable. You are busy, and this little persistent
voice seldom tires… Besides that, the reoccurring thought
“It can’t happen to me” often clouds your hard working
intuition’s messages. That thought is not part of your
intuition; it is one of the many distractions working
against you.

Just like the many distractions working against Dr. Andy.
Dr. Andy was driving home late some time ago and had car
trouble. Another case of “It can’t happen to me”
syndrome, the thought never crossed his mind that his
$80,000 Lexus would simply break down in the middle of the
road… in the middle of the night. He was a smaller than
average, unassuming guy and had a rather positive and
trusting outlook on life. Although his little voice in his
head started to wave some warning flags when a car pulled up
and offered to help him, Dr. Andy was pretty tired and
pretty frustrated. He ignored his better judgment and
accepted “the ride home” he was offered.

A few blocks away, in a neighborhood he was unfamiliar with,
he was not so kindly asked to leave the vehicle. Before his
departure, he was relieved of his wallet, cell phone and
Rolex watch. After walking several miles, he finally found a
police officer and actually got a ride home.

The next morning he had to arrange the rescue of his
disabled Lexus, file a police report for the robbery of his
personal property, cancel his credit cards, and convince the
creditors that the several thousand dollars of fraudulent
purchases last night were not his doing.

A life changing chain of events to say the least. Luckily
Dr. Andy decided to take a more serious role in his safety
and security, and pay closer attention to the internal alarm
system built into his head. Upon suggestion of one of his
colleagues, he purchased a 950,000 volt stun gun which he
religiously wears on his belt at all times. Once he left for
work in a hurry and left his cell phone and pager on the
kitchen table, but still remembered to strap on his stun

Along with the keys to his newly tuned up Lexus, he also
packs a keychain Wildfire pepper spray in his pocket.
Besides the colleague who initially suggested his toolkit,
and a patient who once recognized the stun gun on his hip as
a stun gun and not a pager or cell phone like most people
thought, Dr. Andy remained as unassuming looking and
defenseless as before his car trouble. Exactly the way he
wanted it.

As well as becoming sufficiently tooled up, Dr. Andy has
practiced drawing and using his tools dozens of times in his
living room, effectively shadow defending himself. He knows
exactly where his tools are located on his person, and
exactly how to grab and use them if he needed to. This
shadow defensive training only takes a few minutes a day,
and after a few weeks, becomes second nature. Almost
intuitive… which is the way it should be.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but
the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth
more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your
belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Yours in safety,

Rob Cook

P.S. you can pick up a 950K Runt stun gun just like
Dr. Andy at
and some Wildfire pepper spray at

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Hot Weather Theft Warning

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 5 August, 2007

As the hot summer weather continues, I’d like to warn you
that homeowners and apartment dwellers need to be aware
that opportunist thieves are out there looking to take
advantage of the warm and sunny weather.

It is important at this time of year to be extra cautious
while trying to keep cool, and ensure that you do not leave
your windows open when rooms are unoccupied. Although this
may help keep your home cooler, it may also serve as an
invitation for a burglar to easily slip into your house.
Make sure you take extra care in the safety and security of
your home.

The chance of falling victim to crimes of opportunity can be
lowered by reducing the opportunities that the criminals
have. Another word of caution goes out to those relying on
window unit air conditioners to keep cool. These air
conditioners, often found in bedrooms, tend to drown out
background noise in other rooms of the house at night. While
this may sound nice, as well as cool, this is an increased
opportunity for someone to slip into your house at night and
take a look around without you hearing the rustling. These
units have also been known to be easily pushed into a house
to gain easy access at street level. Sure it may make a
thud, but if no one is home in the middle of the day, it is
an easy access point.

Burglars don’t like to work too hard getting in, and don’t
want to be heard while on the prowl. Please be cautious on
how you choose to keep cool during the remainder of the

Am I telling you to lock all your doors and windows, remove
your air conditioners and sit inside your house sweltering
from the heat? Of course not, but please take some extra
precautions without leaving your house opened up inviting
the wrong crowd.

Be extremely cautious of what windows you leave opened and
how secure your air conditioners are, especially at ground
level. If you are leaving the house, make sure you lock up.
No excuses, no matter where you live. Nice neighborhoods are
where the burglars come, it is where the nicer stuff is. It
might be time to invest in some sort of room alarms.
Burglars hate loud noises that draw attention.

Even an electronic barking dog may do the trick if you do
not have the real thing. Just make sure you take some
measures before it is too late.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to
you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection
could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth
Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your
personal well-being?

Yours in safety,

Rob Cook

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