Do You or Someone You Know Suffer From SDDS?

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Self Defense Deficiency Syndrome (SDDS) is no laughing matter. SDDS is one of the leading causes of successful crime in the US. CRIME is real. Women are assaulted or raped every day and families homes are invaded every day. The damage done to these people goes way beyond just the loss of money or jewelry. And, for the most part, the police can only get involved after the physical and emotional damage has already been done.

What Makes a Person More Likely to Develop SDDS?
There are many risk factors for developing SDDS. These include:

- It Can’t Happen to Me Disorder (ICHTMD) – the delusion that no matter where they go, an act of crime can’t possibly occur to them, statistically speaking.

- Safe Neighborhood Complex (SNC) – the false sense of security associated with thinking their neighborhood is a safe haven from crime.

- I Can Handle Myself Fine Disease (ICHMFD) – not to be confused with ICHTMD, ICHMFD is a superiority complex, mostly found in males, where they believe they can successfully handle any situation that comes their way.

- Self-Defensephobia – the fear of using a self-defense mechanism on a person whose goal is to injure, steal from or otherwise commit a crime against them.

Why Are More People Getting SDDS?
No one really knows why more and more people are developing SDDS. Some experts suggest that ICHTMD, SNC and ICHMFD are linked to a similarly perceived complacency associated with lack of experience with crime. Although the recent news reports and historical statistics prove otherwise, some people do not realize the importance until it is too late and they are face to face with an adversary.

SNC is extremely dangerous. Criminals go where the goods are. Banks (ATMs), affluent neighborhoods, run down neighborhoods, grocery store or mall parking lots are all targets, no matter where they are located from the ‘Hood to the ‘Hills.

Self-Defensephobia is an unusual illness. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, the stress of an uncomfortable situation causes one to either freeze and not react or before an event even happens, decide that they are not capable squeezing the trigger of the pepper spray canister or discharging the
power on a stun gun.

How Can I Tell If My Loved One Has or May Have SDDS?
Signs and symptoms to look for include:

- The lack of visual SD products in ones possession is one of the biggest giveaways.

- Insecure or timid OR overly confident in the face of danger.

- Denial that there is a problem.

- Hangs out at home, goes to work, goes to the movies, goes to the store, walks or runs outside, drives a car, visits the park, has children, is alive, breathes air, etc… Crime is the most equal opportunity institution you will ever find.

Keep in mind that not all people have the same SDDS symptoms, and these symptoms can vary from SDDS episode to the next episode in the same person.

How Is SDDS Diagnosed?
SDDS is often difficult to diagnose in children and many will still rely on adults for protection. However, in adults the disease can be diagnosed by anyone with a concern for their safety and protection based on any or all the above mentioned warning signs. In many cases, and often the most successfully treated cases are self diagnosed, where the individual realizes that they can become in control of their SDDS and change their own lives for the better.

How Is SDDS Treated?
Based on the patient’s history and the severity of SDDS, Worth Protection Security can help develop a care plan, called an “self defense action plan (SDAP).” The SDAP describes when and how you should use SD devices, what to do when SDDS gets worse, and when to seek emergency care. Make sure you understand this plan and ask any questions you may have. SD product training and practice is strongly encouraged.

Men’s Starter Package
Women’s Starter Package

The most successful treatment of Self-Defensephobia is knowledge and practice. Knowing how to use a SD product quickly and efficiently without thinking about it is highly effective in coping with this illness. Also the coaching through the reluctance of use with knowledge that protecting yourself is your god-given right and is a necessary evil in today’s society has shown to ease the minds of most sufferers.

What SDDS Products Can be Used and are Recommended?
There are as many options and possibilities available as there are individuals seeking to use them. Some important considerations are in our Pepper Spray vs. Stun Gun Article.

We also have some starter packages linked above in our How Is SDDS Treated? section. For additional options feel free to consult with Worth Protection Security for custom packages or browse our product listings and take a look for yourself and build your own Self Defense arsenal.

How Do I Know When SDDS Is Well Controlled?
You know if SDDS is well controlled if, with SD gear, your loved one:

- Has few troublesome SDDS symptoms

- Attends school/work/life every day

- Performs daily activities without fear

- Has no fear of SD product side effects

- Lives an active, normal and SAFE life

By learning about SDDS and how it can be controlled, you take an important step toward managing your disease. We encourage you to work closely with your SD care team to learn all you can about SDDS, how to avoid triggers, what products do, and how to correctly use them. With proper care, you can live free of SDDS symptoms and maintain a normal, healthy and SAFE lifestyle.

What Do I Do When Involved in an SD related Attack?
If you situation is showing symptoms of an SD related attack:

- Stay Calm

- Remember your SD training and practice

- Listen to your gut

- Utilize your SD gear, fight back and get away ASAP

- Report incident to the local authorities. Do not let it go unreported.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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