300 Reasons to Learn to Defend Yourself

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If you haven’t seen the movie 300 yet, I would highly recommend grabbing the DVD. It took some heat for it’s lack of historically accurate content, but it was derived from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. A comic book, not your high school history book. So take it for what it was intended for, an entertaining, action packed, epic movie experience.

The basic synopsis revolves around the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae. Leonidas, the King of Sparta leads a small, but highly skilled army of men defending Greece against the massive invasion force of Persia, led by King Xerxes.

I could go on and on about the stunning camera work, intense action and more about how good the movie was, but I really wanted to comment on some of the earlier scenes before the great battle.

The one in particular was about a young Spartan boy. In the movie it might have mattered who it was, but for this example it doesn’t. This boy, at a very early age was brought into a courtyard by his father and trained to be a Spartan warrior.

At first glance, training was rather harsh and brutal for such a young boy, barely able to hold a sword. But if you think about it, the father was taking great effort in training and preparing that child for the way of life in those times. The Warriors lived and died by the skill of their combat prowess.

An extreme example from another day, another age… but the underlying theme remains the same. Be prepared for the dangers of your day and age. Sure, we aren’t gladiator warriors fighting dire wolves in the forests or subject to the dangers of fierce armies on the fields of battle 2500 years ago in Greece.

What about life 250 years ago in America? Do you think every male didn’t own a gun and know how to defend his home from Indians, wild animals or the other dangers of that day and age? At what point did we stop defending ourselves and start relying on others? When did we start to just accept crime and let it happen without resistance?

Superman, Batman, Spider-man, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or other famous comic book heroes are NOT patrolling the cities stopping criminals, murderers and rapists from committing crimes just in the nick of time. The police can not be everywhere You need to be able to defend yourself.

If your father did not teach you how to defend yourself with a sword, gun or your bare hands, it is still not too late. You can’t place the full blame on others, we are all responsible to take care of our own deficiencies. We need to
stop making excuses, and start taking action.

Do you own a stun gun or pepper spray and know how to use it? Do you know simple but effective self defense techniques to save yourself or a loved one from an attacker?

Do you or a loved one really need to be personally put into a dangerous situation and injured, beaten, robbed, raped, etc. to make you realize the importance of being able to defend yourself?

Stop waiting, stop making excuses, stop procrastinating on learning how to use your self defence products and take action now. Hopefully it is not too late. Hopefully you are wasting your time and never have to worry about this. The
odds may be in your favor, but if you are that lucky you should be playing the lottery.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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