The Guard Dogs Who Called Wolf

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A rather interesting technology is being tested and
used in Israel, using a computer program to decipher the
stress or aggression in the barks of their guard dogs.
This information can help determine the difference between
a dog’s everyday woof and the warning bark of a breakout
or other security problem.

Apparently, even the highly trained guard dogs have been
known to occasionally “cry wolf”, which has contributed
to a lack of urgency at times for human guards to react
to the canine alarm. However, because of the heightened
senses of the guard dogs, they can often smell or hear
the activity of suspicious persons before an electronic
is tripped. This is when the dogs are not being
harrassed by squirrels or barking to hear themselves bark.

This new canine-computer system collected the barks
through a microphone under different scenarios, then
sorted and graded them producing a set of control barks
that measure the significance of new live barks. Once
they collected several thousand barks into the computer,
the program effectively figured out “what makes the
emergency bark different than the other barks,” said
Bio-Sense project manager, the high-tech company out of
Tel Aviv who developed this K-9 technology.

Now the prisons, or any other of the 100 Israeli clients
using this system, can set up loud speakers and CCTV
to automatically target and zoom in on the
“emergency barks”.

Back on the home front, we have an alarm technology that
takes the canine out of the equation, but still provides
functional security to your home or business.

Police say a barking dog is an excellent way to deter
burglars. The Electronic Secure Dog is the ideal watchdog
because he does what even the best living, breathing
watchdog can’t do (without some of the annoying problems
that go with owning a dog, like “barking wolf” all night,
alerting the house of squirrels in trees or the mail carrier
delivering mail down the street.).

With his electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Watch Dog
can “see” through thick doors, walls and glass. Once his
cord is plugged in, he’ll stay on duty around the clock,
indefinitely and will bark louder and more frequent as
intruder gets closer. The Electronic Secure Dog can
protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RV’s, jewelry
stores, hotels, factories, warehouses, public and private
buildings of virtually every kind.

And best of all, the Electronic Secure Dog requires no
food, no water, no walks and produces no dog poop! Check out
our new low pricing during our Summer Security Sale!

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you,
but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could
be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth
Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your
personal well-being?

Yours in safety,


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