Heist Turns Sour at Local Lemonade Stand

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I guess once you graduate from stealing candy form babies, your next logical step is ripping off lemonade stands. I mean you don’t want to jump into convenience stories too quickly… you might not quite be ready to take such a big step.

That is just what this 18-year-old in Terre Haute, Indiana did. Allegedly, this guy walked up to a local lemonade stand not too far from his house. Apparently, he noticed business was booming and decided to take advantage of the young entrepreneurs running the street-side business?

“The guy came up and was, like, ‘Give me your money,’” said one of the 12-year-old kids who was running the lemonade stand with a group of friends. “I was shocked. It was just my immediate reaction to chase after him.”

The lemonade stand heist temporarily netted the extremely brave robber with a whopping $17.50. Unfortunately the kid chased him down the street and followed him to his house. She promptly called the police who had to spend almost a hour trying convince the tough guy to surrender, but eventually were able to arrest him on a preliminary felony charge of robbery.

“I didn’t think anyone would come up to a lemonade stand and steal. That’s really low,” said another of the 12-year-olds at the stand. The kids expect they will continue to sell lemonade, but this time with an adult standing guard.

The kids should have grabbed a lemon and squirted him in the eyes. It wouldn’t have been quite as effective as pepper spray, but it would have given this creep second thoughts about committing lemonade stand robbery.

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