Don’t Tase the Emu, Bro!

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Sheriff’s Deputies of Bay County in Florida ended up deploying a Taser on an unruly emu. Yes, an emu. Apparently, a female emu named Plop-Plop, escaped from a farm and ended up camping out in a pen with some horses and goats.

Local deputies were called to aid in her capture, but Plop-Plop “went kind of crazy” when they arrived. Fearing the large bird would injure itself or the deputies, a Taser was used to subdue and immobilize the animal.

After the tasing, Plop-Plop fizz-fizz-led out, was brought to the Bay County Animal Control Center and made a full recovery. Oh what a relief it is.

The emu’s owner, probably in need of an Alka-Seltzer, is expected to claim his runaway emu soon.

C2 Tasers Squidoo

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3 Responses to “Don’t Tase the Emu, Bro!”

  1. Did you know the Ostrich eye is bigger than his brain!?

  2. Ahhhh…that poor emu! Hopefully there are no long lasting effects…

    Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog.

  3. I feel terrible for the Emu. People need to settle down with those taser guns.

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