Woman Mauled by Bear, Yogi has Alibi

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There are plenty of good-natured bears in the world. Yogi Bear and Boo Boo do steal picnic baskets, but I’m not scared of getting physically mauled by them. Winnie the Pooh is harmless, unless you choke on one, Gummi Bears are fine. Who else? Paddington Bear and Corduroy from the children’s books are nice. Bear in the Big Blue House is kinda of weird, but safe none the less.

Unfortunately, it was not one of these bears that showed up in a Canadian woman’s front yard in Vancouver, British Colombia the other day. Reportedly without any provocation or warning, while simply attending her garden, she was viciously mauled by a black bear.

Hearing the woman screaming, some neighbors rushed to her aid and threw rocks and drove the bear from the scene. The bear was later shot and killed by the police. Apparently it is well known that black bears can often be found wandering out of the nearby mountains and into these suburbs looking for food.

It is also reported that attacks on humans are rare occurrences, but let’s not be taking the risk lightly when you know you are in bear country. If I ever saw a bear wandering around the neighborhood, you can be sure several cans of Bear Pepper Spray would be close at hand from that day on.

Isolated incident or not, bears and humans do not mix well, as this black bear has proven. With some bite and claw wounds to her arms and skull, the woman is in serious condition in the hospital, but the injuries are not life threatening. Life changing, but not life threatening.

It is not immediately known exactly how much of a surprise this attack was. The woman may or may not have had the time to back away. The woman may have missed warning signals that might have prevented this attack. The woman might have been in better shape if she was more aware of her surroundings immediately before the attack occurred. But it is too late to prevent the situation now, only future attacks may be thwarted by applying some basic bear-awareness and self defense strategies when encountering bears in the wild. Or even bears in your backyard.

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