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Failed Ninja Robbery Attempt

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 28 April, 2009

In yet another story where some fool makes ninjas look bad, we have a ninja robbery attempt in Weymouth, Massachusetts last week. Witnesses say the man was dressed up like a ninja, and used a ninja sword while trying to rob a dry cleaner.

Apparently, the ninja wearing a ski mask and a sword in a sheath on his belt, walked into a Tedeschi convenience store around 8 AM in the morning. Mistake number one, he should have snuck into the store at night… you know, all sneaky-like in the shadows.

“All the witnesses said he was dressed like a ninja,” says Police Sgt. Richard Fuller. “He was in all black including the black ski mask. And they said it was a ‘ninja sword’ (he was carrying).”

Alarmed by the seemingly armed ninja entering the store, the convenience store clerk started to call the police. The ninja noticed the clerk on the phone. Good pickup, Mr. Ninja.

Next, the man rips off his ninja mask and asks the clerk if she is calling the police on him. Mistake number two, a ninja never reveals his true identity.

When the clerk says she was in fact calling the police on him, he gets scared and walks out of the store. Mistake number three, a ninja doesn’t walk out a door, he drops a smoke bomb and disappears!

So now the ninja walks down the street and enters a nearby Galaxy Cleaners.

The agitated ninja draws his sword and points the katana at the dry cleaner clerk, demanding all of the cash. This clerk tells the gullible ninja that she could not open the drawer.

The ninja now flees the second scene, again, without a smoke bomb cover. What a lame attempt at being a ninja. Mistake number four, if you are lame, you are not a ninja.

The Ninja Master from the Deadliest Warrior show would have been very disappointed.

Police are still searching for the man, who since he pulled off his mask, witnesses can say appeared to be in his late 20s and gave a facial description.

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He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day

Posted by Rob on Monday, 27 April, 2009

I have been watching a really good show lately, Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV.

On each Deadliest Warrior episode, they pit two of the most feared warriors in history against each other. Viking vs. Samurai, Ninja vs. Spartan, Pirate vs. Knight… Gladiators, Green Berets, Shaolin Monks, all your favorites get to play.

With real life weapon comparisons and testing, ballistic, forensic and medical expert analysis and computer simulated battles, the show ends with a hypothetical battle, performed by real actors based on the computer’s data analysis. Very 300, Braveheart or Troy like.

Throughout the show there are martial arts or fighting experts of each discipline giving historical background, demonstrating the weapons, techniques and talking smack the whole time.

It is a pretty cool show, even though there is some expert biased and entertainment theatrics thrown in there. The computer can’t take every possible consideration into account, and you can’t actually pull 1000 of each warrior from history and stage an real series of fights to the death and take notes.

No one runs away in these battles. Except the Ninja. While he didn’t run during the computer simulations, the representative Ninja Master did state that he might have just run away and come back to kill the Spartan in his sleep.

So when do you run away?

Demosthenes, an Athenian orator and statesman was also an infantryman at Chaeronea. In August of 338 BC, a great battle took place between the Macedonians and the Athenians.

Demosthenes fled from the battlefield as Macedonia ended up victorious, and 3000 Athenians were killed. Demosthenes was criticized for deserting the battle, but to anyone who called him a coward, Demosthenes responded, “The man who runs away may fight again.”

From that line spoken almost 2500 years ago, the modern day version “He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day” is derived.

So again, when do you run away?

If some punk is trying to steal your wallet at knife-point, you may opt to give it up and hand it over. Hopefully that was all he wanted and leaves. But what if it wasn’t?

What if your kids or spouse was there? I am betting your kids cannot run as fast as you can, or your wife in high heels…

I have made the joke before about the guy that just needs to outrun his buddy, not the bear chasing the two of them. Not really an option on the street… especially with other loved ones involved.

You don’t even have to get all Spartan or Samurai either.

A quick shot of pepper spray just might painfully distract some loser long enough to shuffle your kids to the car and get away or escort the wife to another safe location and call the police. Sucks if you don’t have any.

A stun gun, Taser or other self-defense option may also help. You aren’t trying to stand toe-to-toe in a fight to the death, your intent should be to only stick around long enough to disable your attacker and get away to safety.

Don’t be unprepared. All of the historical warriors had quite the arsenal and knew how to use it. But you aren’t going to need to carry a katana sword, bronze shield or composite bow. Although I bet no one would mess with a guy decked out in a Spartan warrior armor and weapons. At least not to his face…

Pepper spray on the keychain, personal alarm in your pocket, stun gun on your belt. It doesn’t matter what items you choose, just pick a couple and learn how to use them. You won’t necessarily get a spot on Deadliest Warrior, but then again, maybe you can keep yourself out of the Evening News as a victim to a crime.

Be Safe, Be Prepared. This is Sparta!

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Kubotan Self-Defense Keychains

Posted by Rob on Friday, 24 April, 2009

Although my all time favorite self-defense weapon of choice is the telescopic steel baton, I still can’t say enough about the simple, yet effective Kubotan.

Sometimes referred to as a yawara stick, mini baton or spelled kubaton – the kubotan key chain is a highly accessible and effective self-defense weapon. A kubotan can be used to stabilize your fist, apply pressure to sensitive parts of an attacker’s body, or to gain leverage on an attacker’s wrist or fingers.

Kubotans are designed to be used against bony surfaces, soft tissue and is extremely effective on nerve or pressure points by causing temporary paralysis or extreme pain. Think of the difference between stepping on someone’s foot with a wide flat sole and stepping down with a high heel. Both hurt, but the pressure is greatly intensified when concentrating all of the power into a much smaller and compact surface area.

Even for those without previous experience in the martial arts, the Kubotan provides an inexpensive and easily learned method of self defense.

Kubotans can increase the power of any strike. It’s better to react naturally and not waste time or miss an opportunity by trying to be overly precise. Good soft targets for a kubotan are the groin, stomach, solar plexus, throat, the arm, while some effective harder targets could be the shin, hipbone, collarbone, ankle, and kneecap.

A sharp strike to any bony part of the body will encourage an attacker to stop his assault. A harder, well-placed strike can easily break bones, especially if the force of the blow is not hindered by clothing.

Poking or striking vulnerable areas of the body are the most basic applications for a kubotan keychain. Generally speaking, swinging strikes work better against bony surfaces while fleshy areas are more susceptible to pokes and jabs with the ends of the Kubotan.

Keeping this in mind, a person can avoid the confusion and frustration of trying to remember specific strikes for specific targets. Instead, simply remember to strike hard on bones and poke hard into soft tissue and pressure points.

Kubotans, much like telescopic steel batons are rather forgiving, as there is really no wrong strike. The strike does not have to be perfect, just hit as hard as you can, to the closest body part. Even a glancing blow will inflict enough pain to make your assailant think twice about continuing his attack, since nerves are close to the surface of most bony parts.

You can also use the keys that you have attached to the kubotan. You can hold the kubotan keychain and swing the keys in a very compact and deliberate blow to the attacker’s face or throat.

Our kubotans are made of solid aluminum and comes in red, black, blue and silver colors, in either pointed or flat tips. Attach your kubotan to your keychain so you always have it with you. They are a very popular martial arts weapon.

For kubotans with a hidden surprise, check out our Mace Pepper batons, a unique cross between a kubotan and a keychain pepper spray.

mace pepper spray kubotan keychain

Kubotan keychains are legal and entirely unregulated. To most people, the Kubotan is not particularly intimidating and is little more than a nondescript key ring. But to those enlightened the power a Kubotan can unleash, it remains an effective self defense instrument. It really can save your life.

How can you beat that for under $5.00?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Pork and Beans Rage in Gilliam Louisiana

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 19 April, 2009

After partaking in alcoholic beverages for the better part of the day, two brothers, 54-year-old Willie Casst, and 63-year-old Agusta Wells decided it was about time to get some dinner.

So what meal caps off a hearty day of drinking? Pork and Beans? Mmmmm.

Well, when the drunken pair got ready to fix supper, an argument broke out in the kitchen, apparently over the succulent can of pork and beans.

As the melee that ensued, Wells wound up and threw a punch at his brother but missed. Casst escalated the situation and grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Wells in the left arm and shoulder blade.

Deputies did not know exactly what it was about this meal that set things off. Besides the fact that pork and beans suck, unless it was the ones with the cut up hot dogs inside… that’s not too bad.

“The one who got stabbed [Wells] said it was over pork and beans. That all he would say. The other one [Casst] said, ‘Take me to jail,’” says Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick.

He will probably get a better meal in the slammer. Maybe a can of Spam? At least he won’t have to share.

Wells was taken to the North Caddo Medical Center in Vivian for medical treatment and Casst was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Keep Away from those Beans.

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Farm Worker Defends Himself by Fighting Python in a Tree

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 18 April, 2009

Talk about a rough day at work…

Ben Nyaumbe, a Kenyan farm worker in the Malindi area of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast went to work like any other day last Saturday.

“I stepped on a spongy thing on the ground and suddenly my leg was entangled with the body of a huge python,” Nyaumbe says.

The 13-foot python then dragged the victim up into a tree and attempted to swallow him whole. Luckily, Nyaumbe was able to use his t-shirt to smother the snake’s head and prevent it from eating him. At one point the man even bit down on the snake’s tail to attempt to break free.

After nearly three hours of struggling, the python momentarily eased its grip and Nyaumbe was able to reach his cell phone from his pocket and make a desperate phone call. Can you hear me now?

His employer received the call, and quickly arrived with police and villagers. They tied a rope around the python and pulled them both out of the tree and freed the man. “We both came down, landing with a thud,” said Nyaumbe.

Peter Katam, superintendent of police in Malindi district reported: “Two officers on patrol were called and they found this man was struggling with a snake on a tree.”

“The snake had coiled his hands and was trying to swallow him but he struggled very hard. The officers and villagers managed to rescue him and he was freed.”

“He himself was injured on the lower lip of the mouth – it was bleeding a little bit – as the tip of the snake’s tail was sharp when he said he bit it.”

The police officers took the snake to a sanctuary in Malindi town but it ended up escaping during the night, probably from a gap under the door in the room where it was being kept.

“If it wasn’t for the villagers and officers who helped him, he would have [eventually] been swallowed by the snake over the Easter holiday,” says Katam. “It’s very mysterious, this ability to lift the man onto the tree. I’ve never heard of this before.”

Nyaumbe told reporters about how he was forced to resort to desperate measures while fighting the python, which had apparently been hunting livestock before he stepped on it. “I had to bite it as I struggled, one hand incapacitated.”

Police officers originally considered shooting the snake, but were unable to fearing injury to Nyaumbe. Once the victim and snake were pulled from the branches and separated, the snake was tied up and bagged.

“We are still seriously looking for the snake,” said Police superintendent Katam. “We want to arrest the snake because any one of us could fall a victim.”

Arrest the snake?

“Excuse me Mr. Python, You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent and anything you hiss may be used against you in a court of law.”

So again we had the perfect situation to test out a stun gun on a python, but again this guy was unprepared. If only he had a cell phone stun gun on him, he could have laid some juice into the snake and see how it liked the voltage.

Don’t they at least carry machetes out there? Perhaps Ben should consider something other than a mere mobile phone…

Better luck next time.

Be Safe, Be prepared, Don’t step on snakes.

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Woody Harrelson Mistakes Photographer for Zombie

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

I’ve always liked Woody Harrelson, but I think he has finally lost it.

No doubt you have heard of his latest scuffle with a TMZ photographer at La Guardia Airport in New York last Wednesday evening. If you haven’t, I’m sure YouTube is flooded with the latest video footage.

Apparently the standard paparazzo harassment built up to Woody damaging the guys camera and at least pushed him in the face. Of course the footage doesn’t include the initial confrontation, so It can only be surmised what started the incident.

The first of the two videos show the photographer following Harrelson and his daughter down an escalator and out of the airport terminal, ending with Harrelson apparently reaching out for the lens. It seems Harrelson grabs the camera and the photographer got smacked in the face in the exchange.

The second video begins with the photographer accusing Harrelson of breaking his camera and assaulting him. After Harrelson returns the camera to him, another scuffle appears to ensue.

“Woody, this is assault. Woody, this is assault,” the photographer is heard saying while continuing to pursue the actor. “Woody, chill out. Would you please chill out?”

Of course the photographer continues to follow Harrelson for another several minutes rolling film, as the actor and his daughter try exit to the airport parking lot instead of leaving well enough alone. At one point, Harrelson again turns toward the cameraman.

“I’m being chased by Woody Harrelson while I’m talking to you,” the photographer tells an unidentified person on a cell phone, while he in fact is chasing down Woody… Apparently the photographer is confused.

“He hit me in my face, he broke my friggin’ camera, he broke the camera in pieces,” the photographer continues.

Harrelson, his daughter and a driver get inside an SUV and drive away, ending the encounter.

I’m not going to condone the behavior either way. The paparazzo have long been known to be quite aggressive in their dealings of snapping pictures, filming video, harassing and otherwise bothering famous people. And the celebrity scuffles and retaliations are often well publicized, and usually nicely clipped to include all the footage of the out of control star, and none of the beginning instigation, but that is another story.

But what makes this story interesting in particular is the official statement provided by Woody Harrelson after this one.

“I wrapped a movie called ‘Zombieland,’ in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character,” Harrelson said last Friday in a statement issued by his publicist.

“With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo, who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie,” stated Woody Harrelson.

A zombie photographer, Woody?


According to IMDb, in the movie “Zombieland,” Harrelson plays “the most frightened person on Earth” looking for refuge from zombies. Shouldn’t Woody have been kicking some zombie ass, Natural Born Killer style??

Since it is coming up again, let me refer you back to the Zombie Self-Defense Tips from a few weeks back. Apparently there were not any electronic road sign warnings about Zombies near the La Guardia Parking garage.

“Woody Harrelson has a history of anger management issues with people and we intend to put a stop to this,” says the lawyer of another photographer who filed a lawsuit against Harrelson for an alleged 2006 attack outside a Hollywood nightclub.

I have an idea, let’s put a stop to the paparazzo harassment. Hey Woody, wanna buy a Taser? Still shamelessly looking for that celebrity endorsement…

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Watch out for Zombies.

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Vanessa Hudgens, TASER self-defense advocate?

Posted by Rob on Friday, 10 April, 2009

A while back I was hoping I could get a celebrity product endorsement. At the time, Paris Hilton was in the news and I thought If I could get her to buy a Pink TASER C2 and tell all her socialite friends she bought it from, I could drum up some big business.

No such luck.

But now, 20-year-old actress Vanessa Hudgens of ‘High School Musical’ fame has reportedly purchased a TASER Device. Not from me:( .

Vanessa Hudgens

Apparently, the star is feeling vulnerable and intends to protect her newly purchased mansion with the self-defense weapon. Burglars beware.

Hudgens told Us Weekly, “I keep a TASER in my purse for self-defense. I’m moving into a house by myself and it’s scary.” You go, Girl!

“There was a guy who was walking down a street in London and I think he was a little drunk. He was blocking the door so my bodyguard had to push him aside. I got hit in the face. I looked in the mirror and got a huge scratch and I was bleeding.” added Hudgens.

The TASER C2 has a 15-foot range, and the lithium power magazine, providing up to 50 jolts. An integrated LED light is included to help you see into the shadows before firing, and a trigger safety cover is provided to help prevent any accidental activation. The personal TASER C2 will transmit 50,000 volts of electrical pulses along the wires and into the attacker’s body, affecting the sensory and motor functions of their peripheral nervous system. This energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing.

The TASER C2 comes in eight attractive and stylish colors: black pearl, titanium silver, metallic pink, electric blue, red hot, forest camouflage, desert camouflage and leopard print.

Who needs a TASER C2?

- Any women who values her personal security and has a desire for a simple solution to the possibility of crime in their lives.

- Any man who need to provide effective protection for their family.

- Parents of college co-eds who want to extend protection to their daughters while away at college.

- The plain truth is that anyone has a legitimate need for state of the art personal protection, male, female, adult, or elderly could benefit by carrying a TASER C2.

Be Safe, Be Prepared

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Thief steals 66-year-old bicycle from an 83-year-old woman

Posted by Rob on Friday, 10 April, 2009

In 1943, then 17-year-old Ruth Slovenski received a bicycle as a gift. For 66 years, Ruth took care of and looked after that bike. To this day, she still rode that bike. Well that was until earlier this week when a man stole her antique blue Huffy from the front of a nursing home in Lewiston, Maine.

Apparently the 83-year-old woman left her bicycle unlocked near a mailbox while visiting some friends at a local nursing home. About two hours later, she returned expecting to hop on her bike and head home, but the bicycle was gone.

Security video from the nursing home revealed a man wearing a hat and dark clothing riding away on a bike that fit the following description: Blue Huffy bicycle with wide fenders and a large metal basket.

I’m thinking there probably aren’t too many of this or similar models still around on the street. Police reported that Slovenski expressed the bike had great sentimental value.

I did some quick research, but depending on the actual condition of the 66-year-old bike, it could actually be quite valuable. There is a Vintage 1950s Huffy bike on eBay for about $3000.

It is not known if the bicycle was stolen because it could be a valuable antique or if it was just some creep being a jerk and stealing an easy target on the side of the road.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Lock up your bike.

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Top March Droppers on Entrecard

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 4 April, 2009

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