Pepper Spray (Not) Out Of Stock

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Due to recent reports of kidnappings and attacks around the Bakersfield, California area, self-defense items are flying off the shelves at the few local outlets that stock these items. Within the past couple weeks, there have been at least two reported kidnapping and one attempted abduction against women.

This trend is not uncommon after such events as personal protection is now on the minds of both men and women. Sadly, it seems to take a tragic event to remind people that the need is real to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Many of the local stores that carry Pepper Spray, Mace and other personal protection items are running out of stock because countless people have come in looking for items to better protect themselves.

“Since the attacks, we have seen Pepper Spray fly off the shelves and other self-defense modes such as Tasers and firearm sales have increased since then,” says one of the local employees.

Shana, one of those customers looking to buy self-defense items says she works at a restaurant during the late shift and is very concerned over the recent attacks.

“I have to walk out to parking lot a night time. I have had a couple strange men approach me in the parking lot. It scared me to death so I want to make sure I am protected and defend myself,” says Shana.

Besides pepper spray, people concerned about their safety and want to buy personal protection have many options. Knives, stun guns, kubotans and telescopic steel batons can be used at close proximity to your attacker. C2 Tasers shoot electric prongs up to 15 feet, giving you some distance and of course, firearms are available plus many other items.

Male customers buy items of self-defense for the women in their life as well as for themselves.

“I’m buying self-defense stuff for my sister, girlfriend and my mother. I’m looking into getting them pepper spray on the key chain. It’s easy to use and better for self-defense,” says John, who is concerned about the safety of himself and others.

The best place to purchase the widest variety of these self-defense items are online retailers, such as Worth Protection Security. We even have one of the lowest prices available for keychain pepper sprays, starting at $4.88 each.

Local outlets are typically few and far between, and usually only have a few items to choose from. Then, if there is a local incident, their meager supply runs out quickly. has plenty of pepper spray available, and even if we are short on one kind, we have plenty of other models. Way more than the local shops stocking 5 at a time.

Don’t wait for the news report.

Protect yourself now. You never know, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. How about you?

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One Response to “Pepper Spray (Not) Out Of Stock”

  1. Not to be a bastard cynic but when you go out of your way to make gun ownership such a pain in the ass for law abiding citizens, it only makes sense that the wretches of humanity will flock there and hit the easy prey.

    I heard it was mostly Mexican Gangs targeting Mexican people. Trying to hit illegals who were less likely to go to the police for fear of being deported. In which case, that’s what you get for breaking the law in the first place (illegally entering the country) and you can’t buy a weapon anyway. Which sorta leads me to my point.

    Pepper spray is GREAT in it’s place (law enforcement and Corrections ((I love the stuff in a corrections environment, nothing like seeing a hardened thug bawl like toddler with a skinned knee after a dousing of pepperspray)) and security) but outside of those sort of controlled environments, A .38 special is better.
    The only way to get through to the criminal type while they are in the mindset of harming you, is to use overwhelming force.
    Just my .02 cents.

    Love this site man, wish I could afford an entre card ad on it !

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