Chuck E. Cheese Assaulted in Gaming Area

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We haven’t had a good Chuck E. Cheese story since the Whack-a-mom article last March. This incident happened soon after in May 2008, but the details from the court hearings are just coming out.

This time it was it was “Chuck” who was assaulted. Twice in the same day, at a Dartmouth Towne Center Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Massachusetts. Once by some kids, then by a father.

The first time, Jessie Carvalho, the 19-year-old Chuck E. Cheese employee who was unlucky enough to have to wear the full size mouse costume was assaulted by some kids. Carvalho reported to police that while he was doing the rounds through the gaming area, a rowdy group of kids jumped on him, attempted to knock him over and tried to remove his costume.

He then said he had to put his arms forward to move the youths away from him, but never actually grabbed any of them. A woman who was also at the restaurant at the time of the incident said she saw Chuck telling the kids to stop, and agreed that he never grabbed any of them. She did however add that Carvalho accidentally bumped into an 11-year-old child while turning around.

Next thing Chuck knows, Trahan Pires comes running up to him, rips off the mouse head, points his finger into his face and starts yelling at him for messing with his kid. Apparently, the child he just accidentally bumped into ran to his family crying, and said “Chuck” picked him up by the arms, pinned him against a game machine and ordered the boy to leave him alone.

When the police were called, the boy did not have any visible injuries and went back to playing with his friends after being questioned at the restaurant.

Originally, Carvalho was charged with assault and battery on the child, but was acquitted this past Jan. 12. Pires, the boy’s father pleaded guilty last week to assault and battery on the mascot and was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

That job has to suck. Wearing a hot, sweaty, fuzzy mouse costume all day while being tormented by wild kids all day, and the possibility of being accosted by angry parents. I wonder if the Mickey Mouse mascot has similar problems down at Disney World? At least Chuck is inside an air conditioned restaurant, not outside in the hot Florida sun.

Be Safe, Be Secure.

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2 Responses to “Chuck E. Cheese Assaulted in Gaming Area”

  1. LOL. No kidding, that’s got to be a horrible gig. I’d have a flask tucked into that big rat head.

    I must confess, though… I assaulted Chuck E. Cheese when I was a small child. We used to try to punch him the the jewels and run away. I should probably have to don the head for a week for my childhood sins.

  2. You know I remember when I was a teenager friends of mine worked at Chuck E Cheese and they absolutely hated when it was their turn to be the great Chuck E Cheese! Now I see why! That was horrible that at first it was the kids picking on poor Chuck E Cheese but than for the father to rip off his costume probably horrifying young children who did not know that was a costume was just ridiculous! Thanks for sharing!

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