Vanessa Hudgens, TASER self-defense advocate?

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A while back I was hoping I could get a celebrity product endorsement. At the time, Paris Hilton was in the news and I thought If I could get her to buy a Pink TASER C2 and tell all her socialite friends she bought it from, I could drum up some big business.

No such luck.

But now, 20-year-old actress Vanessa Hudgens of ‘High School Musical’ fame has reportedly purchased a TASER Device. Not from me:( .

Vanessa Hudgens

Apparently, the star is feeling vulnerable and intends to protect her newly purchased mansion with the self-defense weapon. Burglars beware.

Hudgens told Us Weekly, “I keep a TASER in my purse for self-defense. I’m moving into a house by myself and it’s scary.” You go, Girl!

“There was a guy who was walking down a street in London and I think he was a little drunk. He was blocking the door so my bodyguard had to push him aside. I got hit in the face. I looked in the mirror and got a huge scratch and I was bleeding.” added Hudgens.

The TASER C2 has a 15-foot range, and the lithium power magazine, providing up to 50 jolts. An integrated LED light is included to help you see into the shadows before firing, and a trigger safety cover is provided to help prevent any accidental activation. The personal TASER C2 will transmit 50,000 volts of electrical pulses along the wires and into the attacker’s body, affecting the sensory and motor functions of their peripheral nervous system. This energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing.

The TASER C2 comes in eight attractive and stylish colors: black pearl, titanium silver, metallic pink, electric blue, red hot, forest camouflage, desert camouflage and leopard print.

Who needs a TASER C2?

- Any women who values her personal security and has a desire for a simple solution to the possibility of crime in their lives.

- Any man who need to provide effective protection for their family.

- Parents of college co-eds who want to extend protection to their daughters while away at college.

- The plain truth is that anyone has a legitimate need for state of the art personal protection, male, female, adult, or elderly could benefit by carrying a TASER C2.

Be Safe, Be Prepared

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6 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens, TASER self-defense advocate?”

  1. Self Defense is a necessity. Tasers are great for people who want to stop people from potentially harming them without any major long term effects. Because Vanessa Hudgens is somewhat famous, I imagine some people might want to harm her, and this would solve that problem.

  2. A celebrity endorsement is a really good idea to help boost sales of Tasers. Are Tasers legal in all 50 states? I know I would love to stun gun a couple of cops if you know what I mean. LOL, J/K but really now, self defense and personal protection have become a really big issue in 2009 and I hope you can sell 1,000,000 Tasers from your site here. Keep up the hard work! Thanks

  3. I love my Taser. It doesn’t matter how much bigger than me someone is, they always go down. You can’t fight the power of technology.

  4. Get ‘em, Vanessa! That’s the way to go!

  5. I like Vanessa Hudgens shes very cool and pretty. Then I also think that self defence is necessary for celebrities.

  6. I’m a big believer in self defence, and tasers are a good option for many people (who can not or will not carry a firearm). I’m glad that Vanessa is taking her personal security seriously, but it would be nice if more celebrities would take personal responsibility for their own security instead of depending on others (such as police and hired security) to take care of them.

    Not a perfect world, but at least this is a good step.

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