Theft Victim Slashes Suspect With Machete

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A guy in Athens, Georgia took matters into his own hands when his TV was stolen in a burglary, Friday the 13th style.

Apparently the theft victim confronted the man he blamed for the robbery by smashing out the driver’s side window of the suspect’s SUV. When the suspect got of of the vehicle, the guy slashed him with a machete.

Cutting the suspect’s wrist to the bone, a doctor later told the authorities that if the machete struck the suspect’s wrist more squarely, the weapon could have hacked his hand clean off. Jason Voorhees would not have made that mistake.

After being assaulted, the suspect took off, to be pulled over for a motor vehicle violation later that evening. When stopped, the officer saw the large gash just above the man’s wrist.

The officer arrested the suspect on two previous probation violation warrants and took him to Athens Regional Medical Center. It was then the suspect reported that he was attacked with a machete by a man earlier that night.

Doctors stitched the suspect’s wound, put his arm in a splint and released him back to the police.

I don’t think he will be ripping anyone else off anytime soon.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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3 Responses to “Theft Victim Slashes Suspect With Machete”

  1. sdsacco

    “After swinging the rusty blade, the hacker was heard to bellow, “Who got the remote now, punk?” “

  2. mikerock

    “I am just glad he did not use a gun so the gun control nuts can’t call for disarming law abiding citizens.”

  3. ComerResident

    “This is like Middle East Justice at it’s finest. You get caught straling over there and they cut off your hand? You got to understand that people are sick and tired of being robbed and taken advantage of?

    If this guy had got caught stealing from this man all the Justice system would have probably done was give him probation and no jail time. It’s good to read about another person taking the city back from the crooks. If more and more people were like this man and punish the crooks himself the crooks would stop doing their crimes around Athens?

    It would make you think before you did a crime if you thought this could happen to you? You would think long and hard.

    You know if I was the cop that had to take this guy to the hospital after I found out what really happen. I would have to ask the guy was the TV worth it? No I think not.

    If the guy had swung a little harder he wouldn’t have to worry about the guy using that hand to turn the remote. Ha..Ha.. I love it”

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