Infidelity and Facebook Cheating

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Remember that cell phone commercial awhile back, when a guy asked his buddy why his girlfriend was in the buddy’s favorite five? Then the phone rings while he is still holding it, and it is his girlfriend calling the buddy with the custom ringtone song “Secret Lovers”. It’s funny when it isn’t you.

What about other social networking sites, such as Facebook or Myspace? Not only do you have current friends, but people are finding all of their past high school friends, college buddies, current and past work associates… friend of friend acquaintances… not to mention old flames and past romantic partners.

“Facebook gives people who would cheat, or who might be on the fence about cheating, more opportunities,” says Lisa Boesky (aka TV’s Dr. Lisa), a clinical psychologist. There was also a study by Divorce Online which found that 1 out of 5 American divorces listed Facebook behavior as one of the causes.

I’ve seen the statistic that nearly 1/2 of marriages end in divorce. I’ve always doubted this, as I could never seem to count half of my friends or people I knew as being divorced, but it appears this might not be that far off.

Infidelity seems to be widespread, and ranges all the way from the down and out to billionaire sports stars such as Tiger Woods. Everyone seems to think the grass is greener on the other side.

So, how can this be prevented? Unfortunately you really can’t stop it. People are either going to cheat or not.

So what do you do if you suspect a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend? How exactly to do catch a cheating spouse? You can’t be everywhere all of the time, can you?

If this unfortunate event occurs, and you find yourself strongly concerned that something is going on, there are a number of surveillance options available to you.

Computer Spy Software

Advances in computer and communication technology not only allow your children to connect in a countless number of ways with complete strangers, it also creates opportunities for adults to cheat on spouses.

The IntelliSpy Computer Activity Tracking Software gives you the ability to track what is going on every time someone gets on the computer. You have the right to know what is going on. Protect your children from harm or catch a Facebook or other social networking cheater.

Features of this monitoring software include:

  • Key logging: see everything typed onto the keyboard… including emails, social networking activity, and private instant messages,
  • Screenshots: every minute, screen snapshots can be taken
  • Block web sites: limit access to inappropriate web sites for your child. This will not work on adults, as they would figure out something is up if you block Facebook
  • Completely Stealth: even if someone unknowingly exits the program or shuts down the computer, the program will restart.

Hidden Camera Surveillance

If the affair is occurring outside of the home, your hidden camera options are limited. If you suspect something is going on at home when you are at work or gone away on business, an all-in-one DVR hidden camera may do the trick.

Hidden camera surveillance has never been so easy to set up. With other hidden camera systems, you needed to hook them up to a VCR or DVD recorder to record what the camera sees. With the DVR hidden cameras, the built in DVR that records directly to a standard 8 GB SD card.

You literally place the DVR hidden camera where you want it, plug the unit in, point it in the right direction and press record on the included remote control. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Choose from many covert and unassuming models, including an alarm clock radio, wall clock, desk light, or an air purifier fan.

It sucks to have to resort to these kind of actions, but if you suspect something and want to know the truth, nothing says guilty like screen shots or digital video.

Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Prepared.

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2 Responses to “Infidelity and Facebook Cheating”

  1. Apparently that 50% divorce rate is a total myth. And the rate of divorce has dropped dramatically in the last couple of decades. I don’t know the rate off the top of my head, but I seem to recall hearing from Michael Medved (who actually looked it up and had the source) that it was more around 25-30%. Still too high, but not 50% or more as some claim.

    And I can TOTALLY see how Facebook would lead to cheating in someone who was on the fence.

  2. The majority of people I know are divorced. I would say easily 60% but most likely its more like 70-75% – I’m trying to be conservative.

    There is actually a program you can download to your cell phone that lets you retrieve deleted text messages. I find this amazing. One of my co-workers is actually getting divorced because his wife did this to his cell phone and uncovered deleted messages confirming an affair he had with a family member.

    Luckily I trust my husband. And if he ever did cheat, there would be NO option of re-attachment.

    Just sayin.’

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