Kim Kardashian’s Air Marshall Buddy

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I spent 6 years in the military, and the media always bothered me. I wasn’t personally involved in any major military conflicts, but there were several instances when watching the news and I was like “WTF are they doing”?

You get Joe Reporter from CNN, on assignment in Iraq/Afghanistan/insert your favorite military hot spot, standing with the camera rolling, reporting live on what the next moves the US military is going to make. Sure, all of us in the US watching have no idea exactly where they are, but I bet all of those native to that country can easily recognize the landmarks and buildings in the background. Unless the news channel also displays the exact location in text under the reporter’s name.

Nothing like letting the enemy know what is going on right before it happens in the name of journalism.

Trust me, I don’t need to know before it happens. I’d rather have them successfully complete the mission, then you can report on it afterward, without jeopardizing soldier’s lives. Come on now.

This next Kim Kardashian story is probably nothing. I am betting the supposed Air Marshall that was on the plane sitting next to her was probably some loser trying to impress Kim Kardashian. “Hi Kim, Did you know I am an Air Marshall? *wink*wink*

So if you were Kim Kardashian, what would you do? Politely smile and ignore this obvious attempt to flirt with you? Or would you whip out your cell phone and Tweet this information on Twitter?

“I’m on the airplane…love wifi! I am sitting next to an Air Marshall! Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe!” tweets Kimmy to her 3 million some odd followers.

So after her followers started to berate her lapse of good judgment on outing what she thought was an undercover airline official, and possibly endangering the flight, she started to justify herself with a series of tweets, one saying she is probably the only (idiot) tweeting on the flight so no one will know.

I doubt the 10-second rule would have done Kim Kardashian any good. You know, where you wait 10 seconds before opening your mouth (or tweeting) something dumb? I’m betting it still would not have occurred to her to maybe refrain from spilling that tidbit of info.

You have to imagine that this so-called air marshall was not truly an air marshall, so no one was actually in danger on this LA to NY flight. I mean what else do you say to try to impress someone on a flight? A real air marshall should be able to maintain his composure and think up a better pick up line. “Um, nice shoes Kim, wanna…?”

Be Safe, Be Prepared, If you want to keep a secret, don’t tell the media or Kim Kardashian.

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