Updates to our Pretty in Pink Self Defense Products

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We have two additional Pink Girly Girl Self Defense items, one I just forgot to mention, and one brand new pink pepper spray model after posting Pretty in Pink, Girly Girl Self Defense Products.

wildfire pepper sprayWe are excited to offer out newest Pink hottie, the Wildfire 1/2 ounce key chain Pepper Spray, with an impressive 18% OC rating. This stuff is as hot as it gets unless you are arming yourself for grizzly bear.

The Wildfire brand pepper spray is our top of the line defensive spray boasting one of the hottest, and most importantly the fastest reacting pepper spray products on the market. Wildfire immediately slams your assailant’s eyes shut, permeates their pores of the skin, and inhibits their respiratory system. They are in for a world of hurt, and fast.

The pink product I forgot to previously mention was our UFO Multi Function Alarm, one of the most versatile home or personal alarm that we currently carry. It is available in 6 colors, most importantly pink. It is very easy to set-up and can operate in a number of scenarios:

  • As a Burglar alarm, the patented and innovative design allows the UFO alarm to use an alligator clip and rubber shim to arm the device from the outside 
  • As a Door/Window alarm, secure your doors and windows using the alligator clip
  • As a Drawer/Cupboard alarm, protect your private documents and valuables
    with the alligator clip attachment
  • As a Personal alarm, press the panic button or pull out the wrist strap to sound the alarm if you are threatened
  • As an Anti-Snatch Bag alarm, if your bag or purse is taken, the UFO alarm will sound
  • As a Flashlight, the bottom of the alarm can be used to illuminate dark places

Sometimes a girl just has to have pink! You are already well aware that you should be carrying your pepper spray and stun gun wherever you go. You never know when you just might need to deploy some girl power.

Of course, all of our products come in other neutral or manly colors, so whatever your color preference, we got you covered.

Be Safe, Be Stylish, Be Prepared.

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