Naomi Campbell is Out of Control

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naomi_campbell_hit-meMost guys wouldn’t mind getting hit on by supermodel Naomi Campbell…

However, the 39-year-old is back in the news over allegations of punching a driver in the back of his head, forcing him to face plant the steering wheel of his Cadillac Escalade while driving through central Manhattan. That must have been some smack upside the head.

Miodrag Mejdina reported that the assault occurred after he had picked up Campbell from a Manhattan hotel and was in route to the Astoria Studios in Queens.

So far, the chauffeur is not planning on pressing charges while he is enjoying his 15 seconds of fame. I’m not sure, but do you get bragging rights about getting beat up by a girl, if the girl is Naomi Campbell?

A History of Violence

Let’s recap the rap sheet of this violence prone supermodel, who has allegedly shown “chronic abusive and repeatedly violent conduct toward her employees.”

2010 – Passenger Rage on a chauffeur in New York City when she slapped and punched her driver in March. Police dropped the matter after the driver chose not to pursue criminal charges.

2008 – Sentenced to 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to the Air Rage assault of two police officers on board a UK plane at Heathrow airport in London after her luggage ended up getting lost. Campbell cited verbal abuse and racist slurs by members of the British Airways crew as the reason for her violent outburst.

2007 – Pleaded guilty to reckless assault against Ana Scolavino, a former housekeeper, in an assault requiring 4 stitches. Campbell faced 5 days of community service and 2 days of anger management classes. Campbell blamed “her temper on lingering resentment toward her father for abandoning her as a child.”

2006 – Campbell was arrested for allegedly causing a housekeeper to suffer a bloodied head requiring several stitches after being assaulted with a cell phone in March.

2006 – Another former housekeeper, Gaby Gibson brought up charges seeking unspecified damages over the model’s violent behaviors in November.

2005 – Campbell allegedly slapped her assistant Amanda Brack and beat her over the head with her Blackberry. Brack accused the model physically and verbally abused her repeatedly by assault, battery and emotional distress spanning three continents.

2005 – Yvonne Sciò, an Italian actress reported Campbell left her “covered in blood” after beating her up in a Rome Hotel room, seemingly over the fact that Sciò had the nerve to wear the same dress as Campbell. “She punched me in the face. She was like Mike Tyson.” said Sciò.

1998 – Pleaded guilty to assault in Toronto in 2000, stemming from hitting her assistant Georgina Galanis over the head with her mobile phone in a hotel room and threatening to throw her out of a moving car two years prior. Campbell agreed to take anger management classes (which clearly have not worked) and paid off Galanis an undisclosed amount of cash. Her record was cleared after apologizing (and of course the pay off).

Someone get this woman a Valium. Who is her anger management instructor, Jack Nicholson?

So if you were assaulted by Naomi Campbell, would you take it like a man and love it, hit her back, douse her with pepper spray, or just settle for the undisclosed amount of cash? Inquiring minds want to know…

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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  1. Somebody needs to tase this crazy bitch! lol!
    I think also she knows who to mess with, ya know? You never hear about her going off on somebody like Queen Latifah or some NBA player, right?
    Always pick on the weak! They never hit back! I think that’s her motto!

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