Woman Accused of Breast Milk Assault

This entry was posted by Rob on Sunday, 7 March, 2010 at

I really debated on how to post this story, so I am going to be really selective about the comments. I really couldn’t not post about it… well, I could have, but it is kinda funny.

Apparently a 31-year-old woman in Owensboro, Kentucky got arrested for a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. A drunk woman in Kentucky probably isn’t too uncommon, but while Toni Tramel was changing into her inmate apparel from her street clothes, she removed her bra and revealed two concealed loaded weapons. Now armed, she then squeezed her breast and sprayed breast milk into the face of the female deputy who was keeping abreast of the situation.

The stream of milk shot the female jailer in the neck and face. Officer down.

A release from the Detention Center states the officer was able to “decontaminate herself” and “clean the bio-hazard off her.”

The woman who couldn’t leave well enough alone on her misdemeanor, is now facing third degree assault on a police officer, a felony charge.

It’s udderly impossible for me to form a good opinion of the story without all of the facts at hand, but I’m not sure the jail will be able to release a picture of the weapon in question…

I even found a similar story from London, England back in March 2007. 18-year old Felicha Marin was caught trying to steal a pair of shoes from a store. When apprehended, Marin resisted arrest by opening her blouse and popping out her right breast. She then aimed at the cop and shot breast milk at the police officer. She was charged with shoplifting and assault on a police officer for the breast milk incident. I’m not sure if she was originally trying to steal pumps…

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Got Milk?

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3 Responses to “Woman Accused of Breast Milk Assault”

  1. Anna-Laura

    I’m not finding this incident or this blog amusing. Would you find it amusing if you or a loved one were sprayed with another person’s bodily fluid? Would you like to be exposed to HIV or hepatitis? This behavior is no different than spraying urine, feces, saliva, or blood into someone’s face. It’s about as nasty as a human being can get. This woman is the mother of an infant???? I sincerely hope the Cabinet intervenes on the part of that child. Humor is an important part of the human experience, but there’s nothing funny about this incident.

  2. Rob

    Not sure what you expect, stupid criminals doing stupid things is not uncommon. No one is praising this woman’s motherly tendencies.

    In all of the cases of police officers assaulted with dangerous weapons, this is as light-hearted as it gets. I’m pretty sure if an officer had a choice, he’d rather have this happen than be shot in the face with a firearm, or stabbed in the neck with a knife and die. Of course its not pleasant, but here is some CDC info:

    From the CDC:
    Body Fluids to Which Universal Precautions Do Not Apply
    Universal precautions do not apply to feces, nasal secretions, sputum, sweat, tears, urine, and vomitus unless they contain visible blood. The risk of transmission of HIV and HBV from these fluids and materials is extremely low or nonexistent. HIV has been isolated and HBsAg has been demonstrated in some of these fluids; however, epidemiologic studies in the health-care and community setting have not implicated these fluids or materials in the transmission of HIV and HBV infections (13,14). Some of the above fluids and excretions represent a potential source for nosocomial and community-acquired infections with other pathogens, and recommendations for preventing the transmission of nonbloodborne pathogens have been published (2).

    Precautions for Other Body Fluids in Special Settings from the CDC
    Human breast milk has been implicated in perinatal transmission of HIV, and HBsAg has been found in the milk of mothers infected with HBV (10,13). However, occupational exposure to human breast milk has not been implicated in the transmission of HIV nor HBV infection to health-care workers. Moreover, the health-care worker will not have the same type of intensive exposure to breast milk as the nursing neonate. Whereas universal precautions do not apply to human breast milk, gloves may be worn by health-care workers in situations where exposures to breast milk might be frequent, for example, in breast milk banking.”

    Personally, I find killing someone in cold blood to be more disturbing and disgusting…

  3. LOL eww! That is disgusting. Some people need to be locked up for good. I wonder what her kid will think about this when he/she is old enough to see it.

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