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Frozen Chicken Gets the Best of this Burglar

Back in October we had a silly story “Frozen Chicken, Spicy Sausage and a Can of Soda” where a guy smacked a woman in the head with a bag of frozen chicken.
Now we have a guy in Australia with another use for frozen chicken, and no we still aren’t cooking it.
First he broke into a [...]

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Food Fight! Round 3

Doesn’t anyone eat food anymore?
Couple of weeks back a couple was in the news over a dispute in their car that ended up with the girl being hit in the face with a sandwich. It didn’t say what kind of sandwich, but we were speculating it might have been a “club”?
Then, right after Thanksgiving another [...]

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Merry Freaking Christmas Dad!

A man in sunny western Florida is being charged with felony assault this joyous holiday season. The report didn’t say why, but apparently this guy, upset with his father, threw a Christmas tree at him.
Before I got to the details, I kinda raised my eye at the headline “Man Accused of Tossing Christmas Tree at [...]

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Frozen Chicken, Spicy Sausage and a Can of Soda

A man in Jackson, Michigan couldn’t quite help himself from getting in a load of trouble last week. Unfortunately, the article did not go into too much detail, as some of the additional background must have been good.
First off her ended up stabbing his mother with a fork. Again not enough details into this portion, [...]

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He Must Have Really Needed the Deodorant

Police arrested and charged a man with burglary with a weapon in Dania Beach, Florida. Apparently, two men were seen stealing underarm deodorant spray from a local supermarket.
The manager followed the men into another store next door and confronted them. When asking for the deodorant back, one of the men pulled out a black handgun, [...]

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Seriously, Was that a Moon Pie?

I am a fan of improvised weapons if you need to defend yourself in a pinch, but yet again, here is another story for the “Get a Real Weapon” file. It was a weak attempt at an offensive attack, but the assailant was still arrested on battery charges nonetheless.
Allegedly, a 53 year old homeless man [...]

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Melts in your Mouth, Not in your Hands

Awhile back, I posted about “Anything Can Be Used as a
Weapon” either offensively or defensively. We have had a
couple doozies such as the defensive badminton racket in
Sweden, and the offensive spork attack and alleged hedgehog
impalement. But now I’m slightly torn if this last one
takes the cake… err candy…
Supposedly, this guy was being questioned in a [...]

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When Hedgehogs Attack!

Hedgehogs in New Zealand are getting a bum rap. Ok, well it wasn’t actually the hedgehog’s fault. Some guy grabbed one and chucked it at a teenager, hitting him in the leg.
“It hit the victim in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks,” police say. The teen did not require further [...]

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Stand Back! He’s Got a Spork!

A man in Anchorage, Alaska has been arrested as a
suspect in an attempted armed robbery. Allegedly, the
suspect tried to grab a man’s watch and the victim
thought the assailant swung a pocketknife at him, which
caught him in the side.
Upon inspection of the wound, instead of a pocketknife
slash, four small scratches were found, consistent with
being administered by [...]

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Only in Sweden… Badminton Self Defense?

I really wish I had more details on this one…
“A man at a campground in Sweden successfully used a
badminton racket to fend off an attacker with a knife.”
Ok, that sounds rather foo foo to me. I would have expected
a story like this maybe out of France.
Police reported the attacker wielded a fishing fillet knife
and apparently [...]

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