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Woman arrested for stun gun in baggage hold of airplane

I suppose I’m a little bit biased since I sell self-defense items, and I think the law banning stun guns in New York State is stupid anyways…
But a report just came out that a woman was arrested for having a stun gun in a baby stroller that was being put into the baggage hold on [...]

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Officer In Distress Helped By Woman With Stun Gun in Atlanta

I just saw a story about an Atlanta woman who saw a policeman struggling with an suspect on the side of the road and grabbed her stun gun and went to his aid.
Tanisha Cross, who recently got a stun gun this past Christmas from her husband, never thought it would come in handy so soon.
Apparently [...]

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Who Would Win a Fight, a Taser or a Stun Gun?


How many volt stun gun should I buy?
I’ve seen them online from 80,000 volts to 2 million volts. Does the voltage really matter? What is the difference between lower and higher voltage?
Is it the amount time the attacker is disabled, or the amount of pain he will feel?
What is the advantage to buying higher voltage [...]

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Mixed Martial Arts Champ KO’d by Stun Gun

Every now and then I get someone asking me if stun guns really work. When I offer to “show” them, they always change their mind. And I don’t even mean driving the stun gun into their abdomen and unleashing 10 seconds of full power. All they need to do is hold out their finger and [...]

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Stun Master 775,000 volt Stun Gun

Melanie loved her job. She just hated her neighborhood.
Managing one of the trendiest rockin’ nightclubs in town, she got to spend her evenings rubbing elbows with rock stars, actors, and many of the city’s elite. Her boss converted an old warehouse by the docks into a fantasy world for their guests. It kept [...]

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Stunning Additions to our Stun Gun Line

We just got a couple unique new stun guns added to our
line up. You really need to click on the links to see the
pictures and get the full visual. Both of these new stun
guns would be the perfect addition to the arsenal of
any jogger or other self defense conscience individual.
The DOUBLE TROUBLE stun gun is [...]

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Candy Apple Red HOT Cell Phone Stun Gun

Rachel hated the subway. She grew up in a small town in
Washington State, so she enjoyed being outside at every
chance she could get.
As an attorney in the New York City, she often had to get to
work at an hour that most folks were still dreaming in their
beds. So she used the twelve-block walk from [...]

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