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Serial Killer Prompts Women to Stock up on Pepper Spray

Women in South Korea have been stocking up on Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms recently after an alleged serial killer was arrested. Three of South Korea’s main online shopping sites have reported that the sales of self defense products has risen between 40 and 100%.
Kang Ho-Sun was arrested in late January and has confessed to [...]

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Friday the 13th not as unlucky as you thought?

Dutch statisticians, who apparently have had some free time on their hands, have determined that Friday the 13th is actually safer than your average run-of-the-mill Friday.
The Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics (CVS) has recently concluded that accidents and crime actually occurs less on this widely regarded “unlucky” day. “I find it hard to believe that [...]

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Serial Killers, Self Defense and Halloween

Labor Day is over. Where did this past summer go? Halloween
is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving and soon after
Christmas. I’m not quite ready for that yet.
But speaking of Halloween, Rob Zombie just released his
remake of the 1978 classic horror movie, aptly titled,
If you missed the original movie, the basic plot is about
the [...]

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