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Freedom of Speech, Throwing Rocks, and Pepper Spray

I never quite understand these peaceful, read violent and destructive, protesters. This time in St. Paul, MN, in a stunning display of their non-violent civil disobedience, rocks and bottles were thrown, windows were broken, dumpsters were tipped over, tire were slashed, traffic was blocked, traffic signs were torn down and thrown at police cars… 300 some people arrested, good times… You know, all the normal peaceful demonstration techniques used since the 1960s.

I have nothing against people holding signs, dancing around like fools, and exercising their freedom of speech, but there is a line that should not be crossed. Most rational people understand this. As soon as you start smashing innocent store windows or throw Molotov cocktails at the cops, you might want to rethink your tactics while protesting the Republican National Convention.

When your peaceful demonstration degrades into mass chaos, you might want to cut your losses and head home before the pepper spray, concussion grenades and tear gas are deployed by the local law enforcement trying to maintain peace. You know peace, just like your peaceful anti-war protest was talking about.

Don’t bum-rush the riot police and cry when you get pepper sprayed, well you will cry, but don’t whine about it. After you tip over a dumpster with your friends, throw a rock at the police, turn around throw another rock into a display window, and then proceed to resist arrest when the police move in, are you seriously wondering why they are doing this? Don’t worry, the media is there in force and have your whole pathetic escapade on tape.

“We will not tolerate lawlessness in the city of St. Paul,” said St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington. “If you come here to throw rocks, if you come here to throw Molotov cocktails … we will stop you.” Not that you needed the warning.

“The cops are being very aggressive,” said one of the protesters. “Hopefully, they’ll let us keep practicing our free speech.”

I’ll have to Google free speech and check the definition. Maybe someone edited Wikipedia to include all these shenanigans into the Free Speech entry. Maybe the cops are just on edge from all this freedom of expressing oneself in a violent and destructive manner.

Again, feel free to assemble peacefully to protest to your heart’s content. But when the police are tipped off before your event and are forced to conduct raids seizing knives, axes, bomb-making materials, maps and anti-war literature? Come on now.

I’ll even buy the 80/20 rule where the majority of you are mostly peaceful, and the 20% bad apples are making you all look bad. At some point, you should get yourself out of a bad situation. Are those 20% really the ones you want to be associated with and get pepper sprayed or arrested because of? It isn’t the fault of the police, the Republicans, the US Army or whoever else you want to blame. It is your companions making your peaceful cause look hypocritical and silly.

*Knock, Knock* This is your wake up call?

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Keeping up with Kardashian Self Defense

To say I was watching television the other night isn’t exactly true, it was more like I was using the laptop in the living room and the TV was on in the background. My wife went to bed and handed off the remote and the TV just stayed on. After a few minutes the Democratic National Convention came on covering the nomination. I was mostly oblivious until a 5 minute span of applause with Barrack Obama saying Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) jarred my attention.

Seriously, it went on forever and I tried to just ignore it. But it was the most annoying noise in the world and I was not able to disregard the TV any longer. I grabbed the remote and started clicking, passing a few more stations with the Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping)…

No Thank You Obama, Go away. I’m not sure how much longer this went on after I flipped stations, but I’m sure quite awhile. I wasn’t really interested in watching TV, so I was just looking for something less annoying to fade into the background. I ended up stopping on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality show re-run, which I haven’t ever watched before, but it wasn’t as annoying as Thank You. (clapping) Thank You. (clapping)…

Since I was now distracted away from my computer I started to watch a few minutes of the show. The first part I caught was the younger daughter getting busted for paying the local dog walker to do her chores for her. It was kind of funny, she gets $50 to do a few simple household jobs and decided to contract out the dishes, washing the car and cleaning her room to this guy for $20. Not a bad deal until her step-dad Bruce, walks in to the house and sees this guy cleaning the windows in the living room.

So now I’m sucked into this silly reality show to see what else these crazy Kardashian sisters are up to. Then It started to get boring and I started back on the laptop about 50/50. Something about Khloe reluctantly getting setup by her sisters with a dating service… Blah, blah, blah… Eventually after a few lame scenes, the show got good again.

Apparently the 2 lesser famous, non-Kim Kardashian girls own a clothing store. If you are a serious Kardashians viewer, forgive my general recollections of the finer details. I think Kourtney was the one at the shop and this guy comes in and starts throwing stuff around and trashing the place. He rips a shirt, knocks over clothes and throws a drink at her before he leaves the shop. She then calls Khloe who rushed over to the shop and calls the police.

What transpires after the incident is that all of the girls and the mom are now scared for their safety and concerned by the lack of security in the store. Now my interest is sparked again. What are these prissy, giggly, fashion-elite girly girls going to do?

If you said sisters Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian should take a Karate class, you are correct!

This scene and the next are worth the price of admission. So now the Kardashian sisters are at this self-defense school. The self defense dork, I mean expert instructor starts teaching the gals some moves they can use to help defend themselves. One of the key techniques is some sort of thrusting butt strike, used to defend against someone coming behind you and giving you a bear hug type attack. No, seriously.

Of course this spawns a school-girl like giggle fest between the girls and a couple sisterly comments on something else Kim Kardashian’s butt is good for. Now in Kim’s defense, her butt would probably work well at stopping traffic. However, stopping an attacker on the street… not so good.

So the girls continue to learn some more moves, a couple good elbow strikes, hammer fists, and more butt striking. They even had a guy in a padded suit come out so they could practice hitting a real target. The next couple minutes show the girls both seriously attempting some techniques, but mostly fooling around and goofing off. Surprise, surprise.

The lesson is over and the girls are very confident of their newly learned self defense moves. When they get home, the step-father becomes interested in seeing what they learned. One of the girls, I think Khloe offers to demonstrate. So the step-dad comes up from behind as instructed and applies a good tight bearhug.

Instinctively, Khloe executes a perfectly timed “butt strike”. Sadly, nothing happens. The step-dad now tightens his grip and Khloe, now with a confused and disappointed look on her face tries again, again failing. “Why isn’t this working?” Khloe asks.

Now the step-dad laughs and says “What if I do this?” and picks her up, takes two steps forward, throws her on a chair and holds her down. Kourtney and Kim look on in horror. Now all the girls are upset that their one-hour self-defense mastery course at an upscale McDojo failed.

The mother decides she has the answer to their personal protection dilemma and sets up a special field trip for her and the girls. Next the girls end up at a downtown gun shop and firing range, much to the surprise and discomfort of the Kardashian girls. The mom is dead serious, but the girls don’t quite seem receptive to this idea. Then Kim sees the latest in shooting fashion, an khaki canvas ammo vest. Now that she is properly accessorized, she is ready to go kick some ass.

They proceed to the firing range, where they are given a lesson in using a hand gun and are given the opportunity to fire at paper targets. Luckily paper targets don’t shoot back. Now they are starting to get into this shooting thing. The mother comments on how her girls look like Charlie’s Angels in their designer clothes and high heels while shooting the guns. After blowing away some inanimate objects, Kim asks if there are any bigger guns she can try.

The guy from the gun shop goes and gets the biggest gun he has, an M16 rifle. “Is this what they use in wars?” asks Kim. “Yes,” answers the gun shop owner. “This is what they use in wars.” Kim “Rambo” Kardashian takes some target practice with the M16 and shoots some holes all over the paper target. And not in a tight, well aimed group.

The shooting lesson is over and the mom is all excited about buying hand guns for everyone. The novelty quickly wears off and all of the Kardashian girls are reluctant to actually own a gun and bring one into their clothing store to protect themselves.

And rightly so, after the one-hour karate class fiasco, how can they expect better results after a one-hour shooting class? The last thing you want is Khloe, Kourtney or Kim Kardashian pulling a lethal hand gun in a crowded clothing store. Well, the shop wasn’t ever actually full of customers when I was watching, but still. And everyone except the mom realized that, really quick.


To make a point, their brother Rob, and Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott both dressed up in black clothes, masks and armed themselves with fake guns to pretend to holdup the clothing boutique. Unfortunate for the pranksters, Kourtney immediately recognized her boyfriend’s voice when he yelled for them to get on the ground. The girls were however quite scared for the first few moments when the armed, masked men busted in to the shop late at night.

Ultimately at the end of the show the Kardashian sisters hinted that they might consider hiring a Security Guard.

Hopefully they do something smart.

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Pepper Spray Videos

For those wondering what it is like to be sprayed with pepper spray and wondering if pepper spray or mace defensive sprays actually work.

When someone is sprayed with OC pepper spray, the person’s eyes slam shut. Even if someone does manage to get their eyes open, they won’t be able to see because OC dilates the capillaries and causes temporary blindness. Additionally, instant inflammation of the breathing tissues restricts all but life support breathing. They may double over and begin to cough uncontrollably.

Following Video contains mild language with some bleeped out audio. As you can see in this video, immediate water helps, but the effects still last well over an hour.

- Watch more free videos

Following Video contains some language. In this video, no help is offered and the victim is in much worse condition.

Tough Guy VS Pepper Spray - Watch more free videos

Both of these video represent pepper spray demonstrations by people who are trying to be funny, but they also illustrate the effectiveness of pepper spray.

Pepper Spray FAQ and Pepper Spray Techniques Guide

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What It’s Like to Lose to Michael Phelps - Watch more free videos

All in good fun

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Score 1 for the Puppy, 0 to the 3 Bears

An 8-month-old cockapoo (cocker spaniel-poodle mix) scared three bears out of his back yard this past Sunday. The mere 15-pound puppy named Pawlee was let out for his normal morning rituals and immediately started to bark his tiny little head off.

With all the fuss the dog was causing, the family’s 9-year-old son went to investigate the commotion. He quickly ran back into the house to report two bear cubs and a mother bear wandered into their yard.

Fortunately, the pup’s bark chased the two cubs up a tree and kept the mother bear at bay. After a few minutes, the cubs climbed down, hopped a fence, and the three bears eventually took off into the woods. Pretty courageous for a pint –sized pup. The mother bear could have easily wiped the grass with the wanna-be guard dog, but decided to let this dog have his day.

Local officials report that while bears are not uncommon in the Wyckoff, New Jersey area, this family has not seen any during the 10 years they have lived there until now. Good thing Pawlee was on patrol.

Anyone living in an area where bears may frequent would benefit from having some Guard Alaska or Mace Pepper Spray for Bears handy. Just like that story the other day when the lady was mauled by a bear while tending her garden, you just never know what a wild bear is thinking. Even trained bears can go postal for no apparent reason.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

Bear Spray Squidoo

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Masked Burglar Captured, Courthouse Crime Spree Ended

A masked burglar broke into the Richard B. Russell Federal Building in downtown Atlanta, GA. Apparently he ransacked much of the building over the course of a couple days, covering several floors and stealing many items in this crime spree. No one was injured in the buglaries.

On the 14th floor of the facility he stole half an apple and left distinctly traceable footprints across a set of federal memos. On the 10th floor he stole a bunch of chocolate chip cookies, and ripped off a sandwich left in a 9th floor office. Way up on the 23rd floor, a package of dried soup was ripped open and emptied or its contents.

From the clues left at the scenes, a court clerk created a wanted poster from what he believed the perpetrator looked like. An alarm system or hidden camera was not required in to solve this case. Instead, a private company was called into the scene that specializes in this type of break-ins and a trap baited with tuna fish was placed in a ceiling compartment that was expected to be one of the locations of his next hit.

Luckily it did not take too long leaving the fragrant tuna in the ceiling tiles, as the burglar could not resist the temptation over the weekend. On Monday when people came back to work, a judicial assistant heard a noise overhead. Two of the workers carefully removed the ceiling tiles and apprehended the trapped suspect.

From the evidence left at the scene, it was later determined that the heating system may have been compromised from outside the building. In honor of the building’s namesake, the office workers dubbed the suspect “Russell.”

In lieu of incarceration, “We’re going to see if we can get him turned loose on a farm somewhere,” said the building manager. “We’re going to take him a long way from this building.”

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Personal Protection Insurance

Every time I have to pay out towards the premium of my auto insurance, or my homeowners insurance or my life insurance I think of how much money I seem to be wasting. It seems like I just pay every month to these people and get nothing in return. Until, something tragic happens. And these tragic occurrences are (hopefully) pretty few and far between, if ever.

However, heaven forbid, the rare instance may arise and you may actually be involved in a car accident or your house catches on fire. All of the sudden that few hundred dollars that you seeming have been wasting becomes the smartest investment you could have made.

Personal protection devices or self defense weapons are no different. As a retailer of these products who makes a living selling pepper spray, stun guns and tasers, of course I would suggest that everyone carry some form of personal protection and competently learns how to use and defend yourself and loved ones.

I also hope once you are properly tooled up with a couple items, adequately protected and comfortable using these self-defense implements, I truly hope you are never put into a position to have to use them. The reality is, contrary to the happy-go-lucky Give Peace a Chance songs, there are people in this world who do bad things. Bad things to otherwise good people. For no reason, and at unexpected times.

Most rational people do not drive their car around without automobile insurance, some do, but all the more reason to have liability and collision protection yourself. Most people have homeowners insurance to provide financial protection in case of a loss of property due to a fire. It is just the right thing to do.

However many people are not prepared to protect or defend themselves in case someone threatens their wellbeing. Theft, assault, kidnapping, rape or worse. It can happen, just read the news.

All of the sudden a $4.88 pepper spray seems like quite the minor expense as the bare minimum investment in starting to build up your personal protection arsenal. Of course it is highly suggested that you arm yourself with a slightly more robust personal protection kit than a simple ½ ounce key chain pepper spray. But it is at least a start, and better than the nothing you had previously.

Even the $349 C2 Taser’s price tag in insignificant compared to the life it could save. Your life or the life of a loved one is worth far more than the cost of a warehouse full of tasers. I could count up the number of cases of Tasers in our warehouse, multiply it by the dollar value per case and calculate the net value of the whole lot.

Now you come up with the dollar value you assigned to your life. Or the life of your spouse. Or the life of your children. Bet there isn’t a comparison, no matter how many cases the warehouse can hold.

Sure I am not talking about a 110% guarantee that carrying pepper spray, a stun gun or a Taser will protect you every time, from every possible scenario. Especially if you bury your Taser in the glove box in your car and you get jumped in the parking lot 50 yards away. Especially if you attach the Mace pepper spray to your key chain and never figure out how to draw, aim and shoot your product. Especially if you rely on a hand held stun gun to protect you while making poor situational decisions.

But I love having options, and I love having what I call a slight edge. Something that you can use to your advantage if you need to. When talking your way out of a bad situation is no longer possible. When avoiding trouble didn’t work and you are now faced with potentially dangerous circumstances.

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. You can hope for the best, just be prepared for the worst. Personal Protection Insurance. Don’t leave home without it.

Cell Phone Stun Guns Squidoo

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Be Your Own Bodyguard.

Ever wish you just had a bodyguard? You know like the rich celebrities that always walk around with the big gorilla sized entourage? Madonna, Britney Spears (when she was still popular), Justin Timberlake. They all fork out big bucks, $200,000 minimum per year to have personal security service escorts.

If you are the President, Vice President or First Family, you get free 24/7 bodyguards in the form of the Secret Service. Free for them because us taxpayers pick up the bill.

So what about us regular folk without the infinite bankroll?

”This is cerebral work. For me, it’s 80 percent mental and only 20 percent physical. If you’re good at what you do, it’s almost like playing chess. You want to be a few moves ahead of the crowd, the paparazzi. You’re thinking about how many exits there are, where the car is at, how am I going to get my client out of this situation safely.” says Eric Burrows, one of Justin Timberlake’s head of security.

A good dose of situational awareness goes along way. Even if you aren’t dodging the paparazzi. When possible, avoiding potentially dangerous situations or doing simple habit altering things that may just be enough to keep you safer.

Do you walk to your car with your keys already in your hand, or are you spending 2 minutes fumbling through and digging to the bottom of your purse in the darkened parking lot while standing next to your car? Better yet, have your key chain pepper spray already in your hand just in case.

Sometimes the moons are just aligned against you. You aren’t looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble is looking for you.

It has been shown that some criminals may even prefer to attack families that appear distracted and otherwise vulnerable. Many would be attackers thrive on jumping couples, in groups, and aren’t afraid to nail a guy that is obviously out on a date.

Why? Because they know you are already distracted… and even more important, they know you will likely freeze up for fear of letting anyone get hurt who is under your watch. All these creeps need is one or two seconds of this freeze-up time to get the job done. Boom, car-jacked, kidnapping, robbery… or worse.

So pay attention to what is going on around you. Most of the time, you are going to need to be your own bodyguard, or the bodyguard of a loved one or a companion. This is not a simple thing, if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Even people who trust you may be confused by the adrenaline rush caused by a sudden threat. They likely won’t hear or comprehend shouted instructions, and will likely make wrong moves that could get them seriously injured during a confrontation.

The worst thing you can do is turn your back on them and attempt to take care of business. A common tactic among kidnappers is sending one or two guys in to distract you, while a third creep comes up from the behind and snatches the person they want.

She’s gone, and you won’t even realize it until it’s too late and you turn back around.

Gregg Wooldridge is one of the nicest guys around but he is also known as one of the baddest cats walking the planet. He has put together an essential training package every man should take the time to watch, learn and master called Be The Bodyguard. This special DVD training is not hard, but very, very effective. The first 80% is the proper mindset, getting your head together before anything bad happens.

Be The Bodyguard stresses a companion control instruction that will simply change your life. Understanding how to truly and effectively protect yourself or anyone with you will make you a changed man. More confident, more worthy of confidence.

Do not forget, old people and kids can’t run away. Your girlfriend or wife may be stunning in that tight black dress and high heels, but she won’t be able run away, no matter how athletic she is. Or you may end up being with a co-worker or friend who simply doesn’t know anything about self defense or personal protection.

In any of these cases, you alone are the go-to guy. You are the one who must thwart the kidnapping attempt, stop the car-jacking, or remove the threat completely.

When I say completely, I mean entirely. If you catch my drift.

It can be cruel world sometimes. As a man, we are looked upon and required to be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Attitude is good and Gregg Wooldridge can teach you this proper attitude to have. You will also learn how to keep your awareness level at the right stage of readiness.

Think about it. How would you respond right now if you were being carjacked? What if you or a loved one was being held at knife point?

Can you effectively protect yourself, your spouse, your child or any other loved one from a robber, carjacker, rapist, intruder, kidnapper, terrorist or anyone else with malicious intent?

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Don’t wait until it is too late. Be The Bodyguard, arm yourself with pepper spray, a stun gun or a C2 Taser. Know what to do, people are looking up to you. Don’t let them down.

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Comics: In the Bleachers 8-22-08

Pepper Sprays, Mace Defensive Spays

How Hot is Pepper Spray?

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Don’t Tase the Emu, Bro!

Sheriff’s Deputies of Bay County in Florida ended up deploying a Taser on an unruly emu. Yes, an emu. Apparently, a female emu named Plop-Plop, escaped from a farm and ended up camping out in a pen with some horses and goats.

Local deputies were called to aid in her capture, but Plop-Plop “went kind of crazy” when they arrived. Fearing the large bird would injure itself or the deputies, a Taser was used to subdue and immobilize the animal.

After the tasing, Plop-Plop fizz-fizz-led out, was brought to the Bay County Animal Control Center and made a full recovery. Oh what a relief it is.

The emu’s owner, probably in need of an Alka-Seltzer, is expected to claim his runaway emu soon.

C2 Tasers Squidoo

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Stop! Or This Granny Will Shoot!

A burglary at a neighbor’s home a few weeks back prompted an 85-year-old Pennsylvania woman to arm herself with a .22-caliber revolver. She kept it at the ready near her bed in the bedroom. The thought of having a weapon in the house let her rest easier as several homes were being hit in her area.

This past Sunday afternoon, the woman heard what ended up being a 17-year-old punk breaking into her house. “I just walked right on past him to the bedroom and got my gun,” Leda Smith said. “I said ‘What are you doing in my house?’ He just kept saying he didn’t do it.”

Pointing the gun at the perpetrator, the grandmother forced him to dial 911 and confess his crime and told the operator to send the police to pick him up. Still holding the revolver, she then had the 17-year-old lay face down on the ground, arms and legs spread, and waited for the State Police to show up.

The boy was charged with attempted burglary and related offenses in juvenile court, but his name was not released due to his age. “It was exciting,” Smith said. “I just hope I broke up the (burglary) ring because they have been hitting a lot of places around here.”

Happy ending for the old lady this, but I wouldn’t suggest 85-year-old women store fully loaded, unlocked .22-caliber revolvers, out in the open, on their nightstands in the bedroom. Lucky for her the kid broke into another room first and didn’t come across the weapon before she did. Lucky for her it was only a punk kid, and not a deranged lunatic that would have rushed the old lady, and probably taken it away from her.

I’m pretty sure the woman has not received much, if any firearms training. It’s hard to say if the woman would have actually pulled the trigger if necessary and I’m sure the potential for an accidental discharge would have been pretty high. That 17-year-old was rightly scared with a shaky old lady waving a loaded weapon at him.

At the same time that I applaud her efforts of defending herself and her household, I have to imagine she could be taking other effective and safer measures. One option would be to have some simple and inexpensive home alarms installed. If a loud window or door alarm announced the presence of this kid before he even made his way into the house, he would have ran away and avoided the confrontation all together.

Perhaps a shot of pepper spray would have been as effective as pointing a gun at the kid. Sure everyone remained unharmed in this instance, but if push came to shove and the lady actually shot and killed this kid, it would have been far more tragic than if he got a quick coating of pepper spray.

I believe in defending my household as much as any of my other fellow card-carrying NRA members, but the thought of an 85-year-old woman, living alone at home, thinking a .22-cal is the answer kinda scared me.

Perhaps she would consider buying a dog? Now she has protection and companionship. I love my dog… yeah, she should buy a dog.

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Pepper Spray for Show and Tell?

A 14-year-old juvenile delinquent thought it would be funny to discharge a canister of pepper spray in a classroom in Arizona last week. Needless to say, he ended up arrested for disorderly conduct, reckless discharge of a dangerous instrument and disrupting an educational facility. I bet he is very popular with the girls.

The Cottonwood Police Department reported that around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, the suspect and two accomplices entered a classroom occupied by a teacher and other students. The three immediately became disruptive, and while the other two suspects shielded the third, he set off a can of pepper spray. He then proceeded to burst out in laughter.

The 14-year-old male, who speaks almost no English, stuttered out something resembling that it smelled bad in here and everyone should leave the room. By this time, the teacher and other students in the Mingus Union High School classroom were already coughing, choking and evacuating the scene. Funny guy indeed.

Unfortunately, it is the few stories like this that give pepper spray, stun guns, tasers and other self defense weapons a bum rap. It is a ‘better’ news story when something bad happens. If this was a story about a 14-year-old girl who fended off a rapist with a keychain pepper spray, it would make the news, but it would not gain the notoriety as some jackass being stupid.

Some people are again going to be outraged about the dangers of non-lethal self-defense weapons and the risks posed by them. They will again bring up the Taser related death count. They will want to ban pepper spray, stun guns, Tasers, handguns, machetes, baseball bats, lead pipes, ice picks, pieces of chain, nylon rope and a whole other slew of potentially dangerous objects that may have injured someone in a movie they heard about.

They won’t care about the tens of thousands of law abiding men, woman and children who have protected themselves or loved ones with some sort of self defense mechanism. So what do we actually accomplish by gun control laws or prohibition of self defense weapons? It makes it impossible for law-abiding citizens to easily carry a useful self-defense weapon.

What do gun control laws or prohibition of self defense weapons mean to non-law abiding criminals? Oh yea, they do not care. They will still get weapons if the want them, seeing that they do not follow the rules anyways. Be it a stun gun, handgun or a makeshift club made out of a three-inch tree branch. You lose.

If you are that deluded that the police will be able to patrol 100% of every square inch of your town, 100% of the time, you are sadly mistaken. By the time the cops show up, if you were even able to call them before something happens, you would be too late. A lot of bad things can happen in the 90 seconds to 10 minute response time. Nevertheless, you can wait it out if you’d like. I wouldn’t recommend it however…

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?
Yours in safety,

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