It seems the news of Michael Jackson’s death sparked a heated and potentially fatal debate on a Florida bus.

According to Police reports, bus passenger James Kiernan received a text message about the pop star’s death on his cell phone while riding the bus through downtown North Lauderdale this past Thursday.

the 60-year-old Kiernan proceeded to read the late breaking news aloud to the other passengers on the bus.

Apparently the bus driver quickly voiced his opinion “Michael Jackson should have been in jail long ago,” referring to the myriad of child molestation charges and other questionable activities that have plagued Jackson’s personal life over the past several years.

“The world just lost a great musical talent,” retorted a sympathetic Kiernan.

It was then that another passenger, Henry Wideman entered the exchange and escalated the debate into a swearing match. It was reported the Wideman then further escalated the situation by pulling a knife and chasing Kiernan down the bus aisle.

The driver, who seeming fueled the initial altercation, called his dispatcher to report the scuffle to the police. He then pulled the bus over at a nearby convenience store and waited for police to arrive.

54-year-old Wideman was arrested and booked on the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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