Every now and then I get someone asking me if stun guns really work. When I offer to “show” them, they always change their mind. And I don’t even mean driving the stun gun into their abdomen and unleashing 10 seconds of full power. All they need to do is hold out their finger and let me pull the trigger for 1/2 a second at about 1/2 inch away. They will get the point and mentally multiply what would happen in an actual deployment of this self defense tool.

I think one of the problems is all the stupid amateur YouTube videos of drunk college kids gingerly zapping each other with low voltage stun gun models. Sure a 1/2 second jolt from an $18.00, 80,000 volt stun gun on a low resolution camera phone video will be less than impressive. Get a real stun gun, like one of our StunMaster 800,000 volt Cell Phone Stun Guns. Bury the stun gun into the target and actually apply the juice for a couple seconds. I’m betting the video will be less lame.

Take for example 28-year-old Claude Patrick, a well known mixed Martial Arts (MMA) instructor and competitor. The International Fight League (IFL) lists him at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds and “one of the best young athletes” in MMA.

The other day Patrick and several friends were attacked in a Quebec hotel room by several other men armed with stun guns and broken bottles. Now don’t go off on the tangent and start blaming stun guns and tasers. This attack could have just as easily involved baseball bats, knives or firearms. It is not the implement to be judged, but the actions of the malicious attackers that should be condemned.

“I don’t remember what happened; then again, a stun gun to the head will do that to you. I walked into my friend’s room to say good night and thanks for the show, and the next thing I know I woke up in the hospital,” said Patrick. Seven victims were beaten and stunned or Tasered by a group of about nine men reported the police.

“I’m assuming I got tased from behind. They said I got hit with a stun gun or a Taser and that’s all she wrote.” Patrick continued, “because if I would have been tased from the front, there’s no way that person would have left unscathed” in reference to his exceptional martial arts background.

On the street, you are much less likely to be attacked by someone of Claude Patrick’s physical and combative prowess. And in self defense, you are not going to announce the presence of your equalizer until the last possible moment before unleashing its dominance.

Just like this unsuspecting mixed martial artist, your attacker won’t even know what hit him.

And the winner of this bout, by a result of a Knockout… StunMastahhh STuunn GUUNNNNN!

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Yours in safety,

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