20-plus days of triple-digit, record breaking temperatures in Northern Texas? No thank you, I prefer the milder New England summers, although we seem to be getting quite a bit of rain lately.

If you are stuck out there in Texas, Arizona, Florida or any other scorcher zones, drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks if working or playing outside and wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.

I hate really intense temperatures. I can’t stand opening the outside door and feel like I just got smacked in the face with a hot iron. Then you make it to your car and it is at least 30 degrees hotter in there, if that is even possible. Don’t leave your cell phone or iPod on the dashboard, it may be a melted pool of plastic and electronic parts dripping on your floor.

Speaking of face melting, remember that scene at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie? All the bad guy’s faces and bodies started to melt when the ark opened up? 110 degrees of hot Texas sun won’t quite do that, but Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray will bring that feeling in a hurry.

Wildfire 18% pepper spray is triple-digit hot, hot, hot. Wildfire is made from 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), which is a derivative of 3 Million Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

Besides it’s intense burning, melting or scorching sensation, it is an inflammatory agent, which induces coughing, choking and nausea, as well as dilating the eyes of an attacker, resulting in temporary blindness. The mucous membranes will swell up, preventing all but life support breathing and causing temporary incapacitation.

A meer one second burst of this Wildfire pepper spray will stop an attacker for a good 45 minutes without causing permanent damage.

It comes in five convenient sizes, a 1/2 ounce or 1.5 ounce key chain model, and 4 ounce, 9 ounce and 16 ounce cans. Yes, the 16 ounce (1 pound) is a monster sized can capable of hosing down quite a few hooligans if necessary. Only you know what situation may arise in your area, but that size is a favorite with police and security professionals.

The 1/2 ounce or 1.5 ounce keychains are starter sized models. Sadly some people can’t be bothered carrying pepper spray, then wish they had it when they need it. These small but effective sizes are designed to fit on your keychain so it is always readily available. You are less likely to forget to pack your pepper spray when it is chained to your car keys. Just don’t bury it at the bottom of your purse or coat pocket and wander out without it at the ready. You won’t have time to fish it out of your purse, have it in your hand.

The larger models of pepper spray are designed to be attached to your belt with a side holster. Easy to retrieve, convenient to carry. Just carry it everyday and practice pulling it out and firing. Make it a natural, quick and effortless motion.

Pack some liquid heat and melt some faces.

We can not ship Pepper Sprays to Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin. However, Michigan and New York are authorized to receive Bear Sprays and Dog Repellents. Click Here for Michigan Approved Sprays.

Your in Safety,

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