I never quite understand these peaceful, read violent and destructive, protesters. This time in St. Paul, MN, in a stunning display of their non-violent civil disobedience, rocks and bottles were thrown, windows were broken, dumpsters were tipped over, tire were slashed, traffic was blocked, traffic signs were torn down and thrown at police cars… 300 some people arrested, good times… You know, all the normal peaceful demonstration techniques used since the 1960s.

I have nothing against people holding signs, dancing around like fools, and exercising their freedom of speech, but there is a line that should not be crossed. Most rational people understand this. As soon as you start smashing innocent store windows or throw Molotov cocktails at the cops, you might want to rethink your tactics while protesting the Republican National Convention.

When your peaceful demonstration degrades into mass chaos, you might want to cut your losses and head home before the pepper spray, concussion grenades and tear gas are deployed by the local law enforcement trying to maintain peace. You know peace, just like your peaceful anti-war protest was talking about.

Don’t bum-rush the riot police and cry when you get pepper sprayed, well you will cry, but don’t whine about it. After you tip over a dumpster with your friends, throw a rock at the police, turn around throw another rock into a display window, and then proceed to resist arrest when the police move in, are you seriously wondering why they are doing this? Don’t worry, the media is there in force and have your whole pathetic escapade on tape.

“We will not tolerate lawlessness in the city of St. Paul,” said St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington. “If you come here to throw rocks, if you come here to throw Molotov cocktails … we will stop you.” Not that you needed the warning.

“The cops are being very aggressive,” said one of the protesters. “Hopefully, they’ll let us keep practicing our free speech.”

I’ll have to Google free speech and check the definition. Maybe someone edited Wikipedia to include all these shenanigans into the Free Speech entry. Maybe the cops are just on edge from all this freedom of expressing oneself in a violent and destructive manner.

Again, feel free to assemble peacefully to protest to your heart’s content. But when the police are tipped off before your event and are forced to conduct raids seizing knives, axes, bomb-making materials, maps and anti-war literature? Come on now.

I’ll even buy the 80/20 rule where the majority of you are mostly peaceful, and the 20% bad apples are making you all look bad. At some point, you should get yourself out of a bad situation. Are those 20% really the ones you want to be associated with and get pepper sprayed or arrested because of? It isn’t the fault of the police, the Republicans, the US Army or whoever else you want to blame. It is your companions making your peaceful cause look hypocritical and silly.

*Knock, Knock* This is your wake up call?

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