Where else do you dump a 8-foot mechanical gorilla after you steal it from Maine? If you said a cornfield in Vermont, some 400 miles away, you are correct!

Aiding in the media fury to locate this famous primate, the gorilla’s dad, err creator Ken Booth posted a YouTube video and reward for any information to assist in its return. So where do you actually get one of these gorilla if you wanted one for yourself? Well the Gorilla Robot Factory of Akron, Ohio of course. Apparently these are more popular than you may have thought.

Soon after Ken’s video was posted, the response video from one of the captors surfaced on YouTube that showed a hooded man demanding a $1 million ransom in jest, and then apologizing for causing such an unexpected big deal over the theft.

Perhaps he was unaware of the readily available pre-made mechanical gorillas he could order at the Gorilla Robot Factory in Ohio. He could have gotten his own brand spanking new mechanical gorilla.

This gorilla, aptly named Seemore, as in “See More at Sandy’s Sales” has seen more sights since this past Labor Day’s gorillanapping then he ever expected. The owner, Sandy from the East Machias, Maine flea market still wishes to press charges if the culprit is apprehended. “What really upset me was the YouTube video. He was so nonchalant,” said Sandy. “You don’t steal other people’s property and take it out of state.”

Regardless of the pending legal action, the gorilla will soon be reunited with his flea market fans. Unfortunately, the owner’s beat up old truck is probably not able to make the 750 mile trip to the Vermont State Police Station in St. Albans, Seemore’s current location.

Many people have offered assistance in the transport back home.

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