The other night my wife wasn’t feeling well, and the sink was full of dishes. I wasn’t particularly keen on washing them all by hand, so I loaded up the dish washer. Apparently I did not properly clean the dishes enough before I put them into the machine. I guess I figured the point of the dishwasher was to clean the dirty dishes, not mostly clean and rinse the dishes first then have the dishwasher finish up the last 10% of the job.

Needless to say, if you are already familiar with the limitations of this “time and effort saving device”, the dishes were not properly clean in the morning when she went to empty my handy work. Yes, I saw the oatmeal, peanut butter and other food remnants on the dirty dishes, just figured the dish washer expected to do a little work.

Luckily, the clothes washing machine seems to do a better job with handling dirty objects; however, it is not capable of cleaning dishes. I figured that out in my head, I didn’t actually load plates, pans and silverware into the front load washer and dryer in the basement.

So in the morning, my wife was less than thrilled with the dishes, but at least she didn’t bite me, break a picture frame across my face and try to slash me with a sword. I mean it is only some dirty dishes, right?

Well a Fort Worth, Texas couple got into a heated dishwashing dispute resulting in the guy getting bit on the shoulder, smacked in the face with a picture, and getting a 2-foot sword swung at him. Luckily the woman missed the guy with the sword, however the picture frame cut him up pretty nicely.

Apparently it was his turn to do the dishes and when they were still left dirty, all hell broke loose. After an intense argument and blatant refusal to do the dishes, the 20-year-old gal told the 21-year-old guy to leave the apartment, to which he again refused.

Next, the woman attempted to physically remove the noncompliant man from the premises. This turned into the struggle where the guy ended up with bite marks on his right shoulder, visible cuts to his face where the picture frame was broken across his face, and having to dodge the wild swing from sword.

It was not known how many less violent dishwashing episodes lead up to this boiling point event during the four months the couple lived together.

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