A twisted real life version of Goldilocks occurred in Billings, Montana where a man (more resembling a bear than the little blond haired girl), was found sleeping in baby bear’s bed, I mean a little boy’s bed.

Ok, it wasn’t bowls of porridge either, it was cheese from the fridge.

Apparently the mentally-challenged man broke into a house, ate some cheese in the refrigerator, made some sort of “mess in the bathroom” (no broken chair mentioned), then wandered into a bedroom. He found that the child’s bed was just right, and fell asleep in the unoccupied bed.

The mother (not mother bear) heard snoring coming from the room of her 2-year-old child around 8:30 in the morning and found a stranger fast asleep. The child, luckily ended up sleeping in the bed of his parent’s that night, and was not present in his bedroom when the burglar was on the prowl.

The mom ran to wake up her husband (not papa bear either, but it goes with the story) and called the police from a neighbor’s home. The father, armed with an unloaded shotgun, held the disheveled man until the police arrived.

The man was charged with burglary, although he pleaded not guilty in District Court.

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