Police arrested and charged a man with burglary with a weapon in Dania Beach, Florida. Apparently, two men were seen stealing underarm deodorant spray from a local supermarket.

The manager followed the men into another store next door and confronted them. When asking for the deodorant back, one of the men pulled out a black handgun, which ended up being an Airsoft BB gun.

Some people steal things they want, others steal things they need. I’m thinking if you are going to shoplift personal hygiene products, you probably really need them. Or at least a long, hot shower. The manager may have wanted to give himself some extra distance with plenty of breathing room when confronting the malodorous thief, with or without a gun…

The manager and police assumed it was a real gun, so an apartment complex nearby was closed off and a nearby school was locked down. A helicopter and police dogs were summoned to help with the search but when they eventually found the guy, who still had the deodorant, they found out the gun wasn’t a real firearm, just a BB gun. It wasn’t listed if any of the deodorant was used yet.

The news story also didn’t say what aisle the men were on in the next store when the supermarket manager followed them in. Perhaps mouthwash or toothpaste?

Luckily no one was shot in the eye with a BB, or sprayed in the face with deodorant. That would have stunk…

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