A guy in Lynchburg, Virginia was busted for burglary when greasy fingerprints on an orange juice bottle was left at the scene.

Apparently while stealing appliances, tools, jewelry and other household items, the burglar also raided the fridge. At one home, this guy helped himself to some fried chicken and oj, not the most appealing combination, but I guess beggers (or thieves) can’t be choosers. When he non-discretely disgarded the the trash, police at the scene were able to lift the chicken grease prints off of the bottle and match them to the burglar.

He ended up sentenced to six years in jail as has been found guilty of at least three counts of burglary and another two counts of grand larceny over several months.

It was also reported the 78 bags of stolen popcorn were recovered at the man’s home, among other stolen property. Details on the popcorn were not elaborated on, whether this was some strange collection of popcorn from several different locations pooled together, or if someone actually had 78 bags of popcorn in their house for him to steal all at once.

That is alot of popcorn.

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