Doesn’t anyone eat food anymore?

Couple of weeks back a couple was in the news over a dispute in their car that ended up with the girl being hit in the face with a sandwich. It didn’t say what kind of sandwich, but we were speculating it might have been a “club”?

Then, right after Thanksgiving another fiesty couple down south made headlines for another domestic assault dispute, when unhappy with what was for dinner, a guy smashed a hot sweet potato pie in his female companion’s face. This incident was a tad more serious because the pie was hot, and the woman was treated for burns on her face and neck. Apparently the guy had enough with the turkey leftovers…

Now, we just had a cheeseburger assault reported in the news.

A guy in Florida got into an arguement with his girlfriend in the car, fresh off a trip from McDonald’s.

The story says the guy wouldn’t let the woman out of the car, so she whipped his drink out the window and into the street. In retailiation, the man grabbed her by the arm and smooshed a cheeseburger into her face.

The couple then exited the vehicle, and man picked up the McDonald’s sandwich and rubbed what was left of it in her face again. He now faces domestic violence charges. At least McDonald’s burgers are never hot by the time you get them. The coffee, however, is typically hot enough to win a lawsuit.

So the drink was thrown out the window and the cheeseburger was smashed up twice. Since they were not mentioned, one can assume the french fries survived the incident unscathed, ot at least eaten properly. I guess we won’t know for sure.

So what is this new found fascination with food related assault? I guess the recession hasn’t hit the food rationing stage yet and people are still willing to waste some in the heat of the moment.

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