The masses never fail to amaze me.

A guy in Tampa, Florida was robbed at gun and knife-point when 2 (culinary inclined?) men entered his home and demanded a particularly unusual item.

An eggbeater.

Police apprehended the suspects outside the now eggbeater-less man’s home. Caught red-handed, one of the suspects still had the incriminating eggbeater in his left pocket. He was not afforded enough time to make an omlet or scramble an egg that the two men must have been sorely craving.

Since this crazy story wasn’t written with much detail, we can only speculate on what might have gone down.

“Your eggbeater or your life!”

“You know egg-sactly what we want, hand over your beater!”

“That’s a real purdy eggbeater you got over there in your utensil drawer…”

If its not bad enough, now we have to worry about people armed with guns and knives poaching eggbeaters. I understand the pressures of the holiday season, all the baking that needs to get done, but really a wisk or a fork would work fine in a pinch. There is no need to go postal and steal eggbeaters.

So I am wondering if these guys actually needed the eggbeater for personal use or if it was intended to be a hot Christmas present for that someone special? I mean I haven’t been in the eggbeater market recently, let alone in southern Florida, so perhaps there is an extreme shortage of good eggbeaters available down there. There is only a week until Christmas, perhaps you were unaware of the top hard to find gifts this year.

You know, Tickle-Me-Elmo, Nintendo Wii, Pampered Chef Eggbeaters…

Make sure while finishing up your holiday shopping, if you happen to see a beater left on the shelf at Walmart, grab it fast! Maybe I should check the going rate of eggbeaters on e-Bay? I might be missing out on some quick sales if I can head to the local Dollar Store and stock up.

That is unless the are all being played with by 4-year-old in the middle of the night and had to be confiscated by the police as evidence…

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