A Wii?? I didn’t ask for a Wii! I wanted a freakin remote control airplane!

Apparently, a ungrateful 26-year-old guy in NH got rather irate when his girlfriend failed to get him what he asked for this past Christmas. While exchanging presents, he opened what normally would be considered a highly coveted gift, a Nintendo Wii game system.

It wasn’t reported what the 24-year-old girlfriend got in return, but it didn’t seem like she went off the deep end over her present. In hindsight, too bad she didn’t ask for a C2 Taser.

But after a heated argument, she got fed up with the situation and attempted to leave.

With that, the guy grabbed her buy the hair, so she swung around and clocked him. The couple was arrested for assault and were slapped by a no-contact order this past week by a judge. The couple has attempted to make up and asked that the no-contact order be lifted, but the request was at least initially declined. Perhaps they could take out their frustrations with a Wii Boxing match?

So much for “It’s the thought that counts.”

At least the Wii could be used right away. I mean it will be months before the New Hampshire weather is good enough for messing around outside with a silly remote control airplane. It was below 5 degrees out this morning and we have over a foot of fresh snow on the ground, on top of what was already there. Unless the guy was going to build a makeshift snow runway in his backyard and brave the freezing cold, probably without gloves to successful maneuver the aircraft, what good is a remote control airplane anyways?

Sounds like loads of fun to me. Not.

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