Gerald McCullouch, former actor on the popular TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was attacked on the New York subway recently. Apparently, he was using his laptop in the early morning hours on his way home to Manhattan from JFK Airport when a man attempted a grab and run.

McCullouch, known as Investigator Bobby Dawson on CSI, told his side of the story to a reporter for the New York Daily News:

“It was about 2 am. I noticed someone cross in front of me. Just as the doors opened, he reached for the laptop. I guess he thought he’d grab it and dash out the door, but I gave him a body shot to the chest.”

“Well, that’s when he pulled a kitchen knife out of a black plastic bag. This thing must have been 10 inches long. The other passengers started running out the door and into the next car. That’s when the knife came down into my back. I don’t know whether he lost his grip or what, but the blade didn’t penetrate my leather jacket.”

“We were in each other’s face. I think I punched him again as the doors closed and the train started leaving the station. I’m watching MTA workers on the platform looking in. I thought, ‘Great, now I’m alone in this car with him.’”

What would Bobby Dawson do in this situation?

“The train was halfway out of the station when it stopped. Then about 10 cops jumped on the train and got the guy handcuffed on the floor. I told them the guy had a knife. They found it hidden under a seat or something.”

The assailant was charged with robbery, assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

First off, I don’t care who you are, at 2 am in the morning on the NY Subway, keep the laptop in your bag and pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t make yourself a potential target by flashing high value items and looking preoccupied.

Next, unless you are Mike Tyson, punching someone in the chest probably isn’t the best idea. One, it is 2 am in January, in New York City. It was probably just above zero degrees, so I am assuming the assailant was wearing a nice thick, winter jacket. A stun gun is capable of zapping through a couple inches of clothing, but a normal punch to the coat is going to take away from some of the expected impact.

To give the actor the benefit of the doubt, being reported as a “keen boxer” and all, perhaps this was the only clear target available, instead of a kick to the knee or a shot to the nose, throat or chin. Seeing that this “body shot to the chest” only prompted the assailant to brandish a kitchen knife, not collapse to the ground in pain…

Luckily McCullouch’s leather jacket, the assailant’s weak grip on the blade, or perhaps pure luck caused the knife to harmlessly graze his back. Another stroke of good fortune was the “about 10 cops” that happened to be in close proximity and were able to quickly apprehend this guy. There aren’t scene cuts and take twos in real life and a real life CSI team was not required in this case.

Check out some of our tips on public transportation safety or any of our other personal safety tips. The best way to view a crime scene is on a fictional TV show from the safety and security of your couch.

Be safe, Be prepared.

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