An uninvited tenant has been making the rounds between unattended vacation homes in the North Webster, Indiana area. Apparently, this guy would scope out Webster Lake residences, and if the house looked unoccupied and didn’t have recent tracks in the snow, he figured no one would be around.

So this guy would effectively “move in” for a spell, eat some of the food left behind, drink some beer, wear some of the homeowner’s clothes and sleep in the beds… Eventually he would rotate to another similarly unoccupied vacation home, once he grew bored, ran out of food, or otherwise felt the house no longer suited him.

Of course, besides having his way with the contents of the house, he would steal some items when leaving. It wasn’t reported how much porridge was missing or if any chairs were broken, but it is assumed at least some of the beds ended up being just right.

He ended up being noticed when the owner of a previously visited home found the guy’s wallet in a pair of the homeowner’s overalls left at the house. The police were able to follow some fresh tracks in the snow to another house, where Goldilocks was now camping out and apprehended the guy.

So basically, while lounging around in someone else’s house, in someone else’s clothes this guy forgot to take his wallet out of the other guys pants when he took them off and left. He must have forgotten which house and whose pants he was in the last time he remembered having his wallet… And that is how he got caught.

So far, the police can account for a few homes that were broken into, but until other homeowners return when the weather warms up, they may not know for sure how many more places were targeted during the spree.

The 31-year-old guy is being charged with a preliminary count of 4 burglaries and police are attempting to recover the stolen items.

“I’ve been on 19 years and I’ve never seen anybody actually moving in and living in somebody’s residence like that,” says an officer from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department. “He was just kinda running the gamut around the edges of the lake.”

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