Not quite as impressive sounding as the shark-napping from last July, but we have a report of out Singapore where about $50,000 worth of rare tortoises were allegedly stolen from a private museum.

“I opened the tortoise museum to educate the public about tortoises, yet thefts happen. Of course I feel disappointed,” says the owner, Danny Tan.

Reported as being the third theft in two years, maybe some surveillance equipment is in order?

Three endangered radiated tortoises, one of the rarest breed of turtles in the world, and seven Indian star tortoises went missing this past Saturday from the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum.

Because of their endangered status, radiated tortoises are illegal to trade and Indian star tortoises are banned as pets in Singapore.

While police are investigating the turtle-napping, maybe they were not stolen after all?

Perhaps they merely escaped and ran away like those mischievous penguins Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private in the DreamWorks’ Madagascar movies?

The penguins spent their days planning to escape the Central Park Zoo to head back to Antarctica. Sadly, when the penguins did make it to Antarctica, they were spoiled by the zoo and surprised to see a cold, barren land that they did not like. Next, they decided to take the ship to what they consider “paradise” - Florida. However, when they run out of fuel, they beach the ship in Madagascar with the rest of the crew.

I haven’t seen the second movie yet, so I’m not sure what antics the penguins pull next, but maybe they should look for the missing turtles in Florida?

“You didn’t see anything…”

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