Following the lead of the 10 rare turtles missing in Singapore, two snakes in San Luis Obispo, California decided to take in the sights Sunday night and stroll out of their terrarium.

This time, one big python and another freaking huge python escaped from their owner’s home and wandered away. Luckily the smaller, 12-foot python got bored and only made it under the owner’s porch before it decided to camp out.

The larger one, a 23-foot, 130-pounds of orange reticulated python, coincidentally the world’s longest snake species, was more adventurous and was found in someone’s backyard several blocks away, basking in the sun.

While the snakes were loose, Police quickly warned the residents that though domesticated, these pythons were large enough to make meals of small children or pets.

Both snakes ended up captured by Monday afternoon, and no injuries or missing pets were reported. Local authorities said the owner of the reptiles will not be cited as “There is no leash law for snakes.”


Can you imagine looking out your sliding glass door and seeing a 23-foot orange snake lounging around your backyard? Or worse yet, if you were lounging around in a chair in your backyard and the snake slithered past you?

Not sure what pepper spray or a stun gun would do to a snake that big… And I wouldn’t want to be the one to find out.

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