Lance Armstrong Bicycle Jacked!

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Well it was stolen from his trailer, but that doesn’t make an as impressive headline. That would have been something if someone with a knife jumped in the middle of a bike race and demanded a racer handover their bike and rode away…

Apparently, Lance Armstrong and three of his teammates Steve Morabito, Yaroslav Popovych and Janez Brajkovic lost bikes in the incident while competing in the Tour of California that started this past weekend.

Armstrong’s time trial bike, worth more than some automobiles at between $10,000-$20,000 (depending on who you ask), was taken out of a Astana team truck parked outside the hotel in Sacramento California. He used it for Saturday’s trials, but before the race on Sunday it went missing. Armstrong won’t need his time-trial bike again until Friday, when the race holds its second time trial.

“There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. Reward being offered,” Armstrong wrote on his Twitter feed. Armstrong later posted a picture of the bike, which has distinctive yellow-and-black wheels and the logo of his Livestrong foundation.

You would think Lance Armstrong would lock up his bicycle better.

It wasn’t immediately reported if they thought it was a sabotage attempt to throw Armstrong off his rhythm by stealing his bike, or if it was just a random case of grand theft bicycle.

Investigators are hoping surveillance video may provide some new clues that could lead to the suspect.

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One Response to “Lance Armstrong Bicycle Jacked!”

  1. Yea, a random case of grand theft auto.

    Most people around the world KNOW how much Lance is worth, so they are going to take the one thing away from him that has made him the greatest the bicycler in the world and that has grown his wealth – one of his bikes.

    I know this because nowadays, if your in a decent neighborhood, nobodies going to go thorugh the trouble of stealing a bike anymore, it isn’t even worth the effort, planning, and energy.

    I can’t blame Lance for not locking away his bike, I’m sure this is probably the first time it ever happened. So he’s likely just as shocked as the rest of us.

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