American International Group is apparently warning their employees to take “protective measures” due to the public outrage over AIG’s retention-bonus payments. Supposedly a company spokeswoman has confirmed that the memo was indeed legitimate.

Due to a growing sense of public attention fueled by increased media scrutiny, AIG Corporate Security would like to highlight certain protective measures all employees can take in order to increase their overall safety and security.

It is crucial that everyone remain vigilant during this time and understand that if any given moment a threat is perceived; 911 should be dialed immediately. All other information, suspicious behaviors, questionable activities, etc. should be reported to your local building security as soon as possible. In order to mitigate these threats we have provided the following safety and security guidelines for your review:

- Avoid wearing any AIG apparel (bags, shirts, umbrellas, etc.) with the company insignia

- Ensure any badges with the AIG insignia are not readily visible when exiting the office

- Be aware of individuals who appear to be out of place or spending an inordinate amount of time near an AIG facility and report these sightings immediately to building security

- At night, when possible, travel in pairs and always park in well lit areas

- Avoid public conversations involving AIG and do not engage any media personnel regarding the company

- Immediately report lost or stolen employee badges to Corporate Security

- If you think you are being followed, immediately dial 911

- Do not give out personal information over the phone or via email

- Ensure visitors are escorted by an AIG employee at all times when inside an AIG facility

- Immediately report all windows, locks and doors that are broken or appear to be tampered with

- Question individuals that you do not recognize and appear to be out of place; if you do not feel comfortable doing so, notify building security or your local authorities in order to do so

- Avoid propping doors and be aware of those attempting to “Piggy Back” into AIG workspace

We ask that all employees remain vigilant and report any threats/suspicious behaviors to your building security as soon as possible. Again, if an immediate threat or danger is perceived, 911 should be dialed immediately. Individual Senior Business Managers should ensure that such information is also reported to Corporate Security at (212) 458-2020 following the aforementioned instructions or as soon as practical.

It seems people are rather upset about the use of bailout money by AIG and the threats, protests and other media backlash is starting to concern employees and Corporate Security. Perhaps some more thought before things got out of control may have prevented some of this?

It is sad that there are probably only a couple dozen high level executives actually reaping any benefit from the money while any employee all the way down to mail room staff may now have to look over his or her shoulder if he or she wears an AIG logo shirt.

Not that many AIG employees are probably too proud of the company anyways, but in this economy, if you have the luxury of a job, you probably aren’t too willing to quit and look for another.

Especially with AIG on your resume.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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