My blog, my rules…

First off, this both a business and personal blog. Worth Protection Security sells both self-defense products as well as surveillance and spy gear, with the title being “Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My!”

Most of the posts will have something to do with self defense tips, crime in the news, surveillance issues, nanny cams, product reviews or plugs or some sort of product reference of goods sold at Worth Protection Security.

Some of the posts are designed to be informative, some straight product sales pitches, some hopefully funny and entertaining. The intent of this blog is to both educated and amuse the readers and also assist in SEO for the website.


I appreciate and welcome all valid and pertenant comments and suggestions, that have some sort of value added to the discussion.

I don’t approve 1-liner “I agree” comments from people looking for an easy backlink. Put some thought into it please.

I don’t approve any comments from direct competitors, especially when looking to add “Good post, For more infomation or to buy pepper spray, visit” to one of my pepper spray posts. Get your own blog.

*Recently changed: If you are a direct competitor, feel free to post comments, but you will not get a back link. I don’t go to your blog looking to leech link juice. If you do post a comment that I remove a back link on, I will not remove it afterwards if you cry. You should have read the blog rules.

I don’t approve comments posted in foreign languages that I can’t read or comments in such broken english that I or other readers can not easily follow.

I don’t approve direct attacks or completely illogical rantings (my standards). If you are looking to just ramble your opinion for no real reason, and not add value to the blog or my readers, again, Get your own blog.

I have no problem with opposing viewpoints and will approve and reply if necessary. If you post a well written comment and it does not get approved right away, I am probably trying to craft a response within then next few days. But if you start your comment with “You probably won’t approve this comment anyways…” why are you bothering?

Rules subject to change at any time…

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