We are going to start a Monthly Contest Product Giveaway here, call it a shameless self-promotion if you will. But who doesn’t like winning free stuff?

I will see how it goes and see how long we will keep running these but for now this is what we will run:

I am looking for good comments, blogroll links and promotion.

To get an entry in the contest (up to 5 per month) here’s all you have to do:

How to get Contest Entries:
1) Submit an approved comment on this blog. You will need to provide a valid e-mail, which is not displayed, but it will be necessary in contacting the winner. All you have to do is find a post to comment on (over 200 to choose from) and come up with a good comment, hopefully something with some substance, perhaps a personal reflection relating to the post or an otherwise value added contribution to the thread. Just put “CONTEST ENTRY” on the first line of the comment. I will edit out that when I approve the comment, but that will get you 1 entry for that month’s drawing. You can get credit for up to two different comments per month.

Please no one-liner “I agree” or “Good Idea” comments.

2) Place a Blogroll link to Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh, My! - https://worthprotectionsecurity.com/blog on your blog. This will get you an automatic two entries, each month for every monthly drawing we have. Each month the link will be re-validated and two entries will be rewarded every month. Just add “BLOGROLL LINK” to the end of your comment (you mind as well get that entry credit too), and I will edit those words out of the comment, and give you your 2 entries.

3) Write a post on your blog about this contest and post the link in your post. Just add “CONTEST POST” to the end of your comment like above, and you will get your next 1 entry.

Contest Rules:
1) You must get entries in my the last day of each contest month, prizes will be awarded the first week of the following month.
2) You must provide a valid e-mail address (not displayed to public) to contact winner, and then if you win, you would need to provide a valid UPS delivery address to receive product.
3) You have one week to claim prize or I will have to pick another winner.
4) You must legally be able to accept prize. Only US residents are eligible unless otherwise noted, and any pepper spray or stun gun state restrictions must be met. See monthly contest post for details.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Links to contest:
February 2009 Pepper Spray Contest - Winner: Daisy
March 2009 Contest - Coming Soon

Good Luck!

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