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I don’t have any money, would you like some tea instead?

The actual news headline was “Woman overpowers thief with tea and sympathy”.
A 30-year-old Tokyo woman and her 6 month old baby was confronted by a knife wielding stranger in the hallway of her apartment building the other day. The man brandished a knife and demanded that she give him her money.
The mother told the creep [...]

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Random Acts of Violence

It really amazes me sometimes when I hear how oblivious some people are to the possible threat of crime. I’m not talking about full fledged paranoia all the time, but some people take the “It won’t happen to me” syndrome to the opposite extreme. There are even self-proclaimed self-defense experts that will lead you to [...]

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You Got Beat Up by a Girl!

A “stocky” woman in her 20s broke a man’s leg in the UK
the other day by throwing him to the ground with a
martial arts judo throw.
The 22-year-old victim suffered a dislocated ankle and
spiral fracture to two bones in his leg after an alleged
unprovoked attack just before 2 AM on March 2nd. He is
now recovering at [...]

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Dogs Trap Postal Worker, Attack Car Tires

A mail carrier is already the perfect candidate for
carrying an electronic dog repeller and Mace Muzzle
canine spray.
In Hanover, PA, a female mail carrier ended up trapped
inside her vehicle for nearly two hours as two dogs
attacked her tires. Two dogs, one a rottweiler and the
other a pit-bull mix, flattened three of them.
When the mail carrier [...]

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