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Woman Mauled by Bear, Yogi has Alibi

There are plenty of good-natured bears in the world. Yogi Bear and Boo Boo do steal picnic baskets, but I’m not scared of getting physically mauled by them. Winnie the Pooh is harmless, unless you choke on one, Gummi Bears are fine. Who else? Paddington Bear and Corduroy from the children’s books are nice. Bear [...]

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Not All Bears are Cute and Cuddly

A man claims he killed a black bear in self defense but he has to defend himself in court as he has been charged with shooting an endangered animal.
John Tanksley says his dog attempted to chase the animal off his property at Newcomerstown, Ohio but the 165 lbs bear kept coming back. While trying to [...]

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Does a Bear Smell Pepper Spray in the Woods?

If you read my blog back at the beginning of May, you
already received my Bear joke, and bear safety tips. If
not, you can scroll back to:
I love that joke. Of course, I have never been chased by a
bear. I’m sure that experience would sour the joke for me.
I also would never knowingly be caught [...]

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When Bears Attack!

Jesse and Lewis had been hiking all day with heavy packs
across the wide open tundra. It was towards the end of the
day when they saw a HUGE grizzly bear standing up on its
hind feet about 300 meters away.
Knowing the ways of bears they both froze, daring not to
move for fear of giving away their [...]

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