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Goldibear and the Three Humans?

A twisted real life version of Goldilocks occurred in Billings, Montana where a man (more resembling a bear than the little blond haired girl), was found sleeping in baby bear’s bed, I mean a little boy’s bed.

Ok, it wasn’t bowls of porridge either, it was cheese from the fridge.
Apparently the mentally-challenged man broke into a [...]

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Truck Theft, Sub Sandwiches and Missing Gorillas

Couple winners in the news today.
First we have a 22-year-old truck burglar in Tampa, Florida. Looks like he was doing the rounds in a parking lot when the owner of the truck he was breaking into shows up. A fight breaks out and the suspect flees the scene. The owner chases him to a construction [...]

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Hot Weather Theft Warning

As the hot summer weather continues, I’d like to warn you
that homeowners and apartment dwellers need to be aware
that opportunist thieves are out there looking to take
advantage of the warm and sunny weather.
It is important at this time of year to be extra cautious
while trying to keep cool, and ensure that you do not [...]

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