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The Guard Dogs Who Called Wolf

A rather interesting technology is being tested and
used in Israel, using a computer program to decipher the
stress or aggression in the barks of their guard dogs.
This information can help determine the difference between
a dog’s everyday woof and the warning bark of a breakout
or other security problem.
Apparently, even the highly trained guard dogs have been
known to [...]

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No Phone, No Problem for the CyberEye

When Jimmy discovered plans for a row of executive townhouses on
his street, he wondered if his new neighbors would attract
burglars to the neighborhood.
So Jimmy installed a security system that calls the police
department during break-ins. Staring at the sensors and the
controls, he wondered if it was enough.
That’s when he bought his CyberEye.
He mounted the [...]

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Hot Weather Theft Warning

As the hot summer weather continues, I’d like to warn you
that homeowners and apartment dwellers need to be aware
that opportunist thieves are out there looking to take
advantage of the warm and sunny weather.
It is important at this time of year to be extra cautious
while trying to keep cool, and ensure that you do not [...]

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Inside the Criminal Mind: Home Burglary

It does not matter where you live. Middle-class suburbs,
high-class condos, low-income housing, your home is a
target. A burglar with his mind set on your house will walk
through your front door, crawl through a window or even
smash a sledge hammer through your roof.
I recently came across an interview of a reformed burglar
who was extremely prolific [...]

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