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Who Would Win a Fight, a Taser or a Stun Gun?

How many volt stun gun should I buy?
I’ve seen them online from 80,000 volts to 2 million volts. Does the voltage really matter? What is the difference between lower and higher voltage?
Is it the amount time the attacker is disabled, or the amount of pain he will feel?
What is the advantage to buying higher voltage [...]

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Seriously, If not now, then when?

Everyone procrastinates. No big deal right?
I hate mowing the lawn. More often then not, the grass in my yard ends up taller then it should be by the time I get around to cutting it. Oh well, no one is going to die over it.
I’m sure you can think of several things you should [...]

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Wanna buy a Taser, Paris Hilton?

I was surfing some gadget review site today, not sure why, but I ended up skimming a new cell phone write-up. One of the lines that caught my attention was the line “…solid option compared to the (other cell phone) — but only if you live and die by instant messaging and you don’t mind [...]

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Candy Apple Red HOT Cell Phone Stun Gun

Rachel hated the subway. She grew up in a small town in
Washington State, so she enjoyed being outside at every
chance she could get.
As an attorney in the New York City, she often had to get to
work at an hour that most folks were still dreaming in their
beds. So she used the twelve-block walk from [...]

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