Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My!

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Taser Debate, Round 12337478…

The following excerpts come from an article out of Dothan, Alabama’s Apparently a guy was stopped for not wearing his seat belt, tried to run from the police officer, got zapped by a Taser, and ended up in the hospital. So of course all these bleeding heart whiners are up in arms.
So lets break [...]

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14 Years in Jail and the Cane for Armpit Sniffer

Sometimes I am not quite sure what to make of some of the news stories I come across. I am thinking this one has a lengthy history and more details would perhaps explain a bit more, but the headline sure caught my eye “Armpit sniffer gets jail and cane”.
Apparently a 36-year-old, mentally-unstable (you think?) man [...]

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Self-Defense is a Personal Choice

I was going through some old notes and found this little
nugget from awhile back, not sure why it didn’t get posted
back in last August (2007), but since it was a pretty good
article, I’ll post it now.
Self-Defense is a Personal Choice, you can choose to take
action, or choose stand by and allow things to happen.
“Three cheers [...]

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