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Pepper Spray Videos

For those wondering what it is like to be sprayed with pepper spray and wondering if pepper spray or mace defensive sprays actually work.
When someone is sprayed with OC pepper spray, the person’s eyes slam shut. Even if someone does manage to get their eyes open, they won’t be able to see because OC [...]

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Do Not Buy Pepper Spray Without Reading This First

Again, Do Not Buy Pepper Spray Without Reading This First.
Of course we sell Pepper Spray and Mace Defensive Sprays and we want you to buy pepper spray from us and be safe. But more importantly, we REALLY REALLY need you to know how to use the pepper spray when you need to use it.
Wouldn’t [...]

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Mace Motion Alert for your Home or Business

Marcy poured everything she had into her little gift shop. She
rented a little building at the edge of a trendy neighborhood and
converted the upstairs into a small apartment for herself.
Although she wished she had more money in her budget for a more
elaborate security system, Marcy figured she’d be able to reinvest
some of the profits from [...]

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What’s in Your Pocket?

To quote those rather annoying credit card commercials
“What’s In Your Wallet?”
But really, what IS in your wallet? You probably have
Credit cards, bank cards, your id, pictures, Cash? I’m
pretty sure most of these items are pretty standard
fixtures in most people’s wallet or purse. And be sure
these are the same pretty coveted items that a common
street thug [...]

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Next time, Stick to what is on the Menu.

Christy waited tables at a hip little bistro a few blocks from
her apartment. Though she loved her neighborhood, she was
always prepared for the unexpected.
One night, one of the diners got a little out of hand. She could
put up with rude customers, and she could even tolerate patrons
who had a little too much to drink. [...]

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Nothing Beats Mace to the Face

A clerk in a cigarette store in Des Moines, Iowa
thwarted a robbery attempt in an unconventional, yet
strangely effective manner. Forcing one employee to
the ground, a masked man flashed a knife and
demanded money from another clerk.
Instead of emptying the cash register, the wiley clerk
started to empty a stack of chewing tobacco in the
robbers general direction. It [...]

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Does a Bear Smell Pepper Spray in the Woods?

If you read my blog back at the beginning of May, you
already received my Bear joke, and bear safety tips. If
not, you can scroll back to:
I love that joke. Of course, I have never been chased by a
bear. I’m sure that experience would sour the joke for me.
I also would never knowingly be caught [...]

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